Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Involved in the Organization?

ASLE has a number of volunteer positions filled by our members, both elected and appointed, that you may want to apply for.  You might also want to host a biennial conference or regional symposium.  Please see the Get Involved With ASLE page of this website for more information and ideas.



How Do I Get a Subscription to ISLE Journal, and How Do I Access it Online?

Individuals must be a member of ASLE to receive a subscription to the journal and gain online access. Click here to join ASLE. Libraries, institutions and organizations can subscribe to the journal by visiting the ISLE Website and consulting their Subscription Information.

If you are a member and want to access and read ISLE online, just go to our member login page. Once you login with email and password, you will see the link to ISLE journal online in the right hand column.

You can receive more information on subscriptions, submission guidelines, advertising, editorial information, and how to request back issues and articles at the ISLE Website.



How Do I Rent the ASLE Mailing List?

The postal addresses of ASLE members may be purchased by publishers and other organizations, for a small fee, on a case-by-case basis. Email lists are not available for rental.  For more information, contact the Managing Director.



How Do I Take Out an Ad?

To take out an advertisement in ISLE, contact the ISLE managing editor. To take out an advertisement in ASLE News, contact the ASLE News editor. To take out an advertisement in the biennial conference program, contact the Managing Director.



How Do I Start an International Affiliate?

The ASLE bylaws state that: "International members of ASLE are free to form international affiliates of ASLE in their respective nations so long as these affiliates operate in a spirit consistent with Articles 2.1 and 3.1 of these bylaws. International affiliates will adopt bylaws and procedures appropriate to their own circumstances. In order to be a recognized international affiliate, that group must be reviewed and approved by the ASLE Executive Council." [For Articles 2.1 and 3.1, see the complete bylaws.] To apply for review by the Executive Council, contact the current ASLE President.



How Do I Host a Conference or Off-Year Symposium?

We welcome proposals from anyone interested in hosting an ASLE event on their campus.  ASLE has a set of guidelines for preparing and submitting a proposal to host biennial conferences and off-year symposia.  Please consult the Proposal Guidelines page for full information.



Where Can I Get a High-Resolution Version of ASLE's logo?

By contacting the ASLE Managing Director.  Please specify the project or event and how you intend to use the logo in your communication.