Get Involved with ASLE

There are numerous ways to participate in ASLE and its programs.  We encourage an active membership and want your participation and input to make ASLE better, and to help make it what you want it to be.  Here are just a few suggestions for how to become involved in the organization.



Become a Member

Membership in ASLE is the easiest way to get connected to the activities of the organization.  As a member, you will receive all of our publications, have access to our online membership directory, and be sent other information such as the Call for Papers for our Biennial Conference. 



Attend or Host an ASLE Conference

ASLE Biennial Conferences are exciting 4-5 day events packed with prominent plenary speakers, field trips and field sessions, workshops and seminars, and many concurrent sessions of both scholarly and creative work.  Membership in ASLE is required to attend the conference.  You may also want to participate in an off-year regional symposium on a topic of interest.  These are typically 2-3 day events and usually provide an intimate setting with a small number of participants.

Sign up for a Discussion List (List-serv)

ASLE maintains several discussion lists to promote the daily exchange of ideas between colleagues interested in the field of literature and environment or particular issues within the field.  We currently have a general listserv, a composition listserv, and a diversity listserv.



Run for Office

ASLE holds an election each year to fill two rotating spaces on our Executive Council and to elect a Vice President, who will become the president in the following year.  These positions afford office holders a vote on issues of relevance to the organization.  If you have any interest in running for an ASLE office, please contact the current ASLE President.



Apply for a Coordinator or Liaison Position

There are a number of non-voting appointments in ASLE that help us to fulfull our mission, such as ASLE News Editor, International Liaison, and Graduate Student Liaison.  We also have a Graduate Student Working Group that is always looking for volunteer members to help with projects related to student programming.  If you want to learn more or find out what positions are open now or in the future, please contact the current ASLE President