Panels at Other Conferences

ASLE has formal relationships with a number of other organizations and as such sponsors panels at their annual conferences.  Below is some information on current activities with some of these groups.



The Environment and Culture Caucus of the American Studies Association supports and facilitates the creation of environment and culture related proposals for the annual American Studies Association Conference.  The deadline for proposals is late January of each year.  The ASA's annual Call for Papers can be found at the following site:  Click on Annual Meeting, then Call for Papers.

The ECC holds an annual Business Meeting to brainstorm proposals for sessions, facilitate networking for sessions, and to award the Annette Kolodny Prize for Best Paper on an environment and culture topic.  This year's meeting will be held in Albuquerque, NM, on October 17, at 12:00 pm in the San Juan Room of the Albuquerque Convention Center. 

The 2008 program can be found at:

There will be quite an impressive number of environment and culture related session at this year's ASA conference, as the ECC has been increasingly successful in getting their sessions accepted for presentation by the ASA.  The process for submission to the ASA is quite competitive and the ECC offers its members opportunities to network and brainstorm ideas for the next year's program.  The ECC also advises members on how to make their proposals competitive.

Those who would like to join the ECC's listserv and receive announcements about the annual Business Meeting and ASA convention, should email Joni Adamson at


Modern Language Association (MLA)

2007 MLA Annual Convention Report

As an affiliate organization of the Modern Language Association, ASLE arranges two panels for each annual convention. 2007 Panels and papers are listed below.  MLA Liaison:  Sarah McFarland, Northwestern State University

 “When Nature Strikes Back”
This panel explored how various texts depict a so-called natural response to human attempts to control, change, or harm the land.

Nicole Seymour, Vanderbilt University, “‘More Poison in Thy Nature’: Ecocriticism, Abolitionism, and the Revenge of ‘the Natural’ in ‘Rappaccini’s Daughter.’”

Rocky Colavito, Northwestern State University,  “Mutant Grasshoppers are Attacking Chicago! Mad Science, Nature Amok, and the B-Movie

“Animals and Agency”
This panel discussed representations of animal subjectivity, exploring the construction of animality and humanity and the ways certain representations of animals can undermine or complicate the boundary that supposedly differentiates animals from humans.  

Mary Sanders Pollock, Stetson University, “The Storytelling Ape: The Rhetoric of Autobiographical Field Narratives.”

Alice Ann Kuzniar, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “The Agency of Pit’s Letter: On Sue Coe and Derrida,”

Ryan Hediger, University of Colorado at Boulder, “Crossing Over: Death, Genre, and Species.” 

Norma J. Tilden, Georgetown University, “Zoographia: A Poetics of Interanimal Exchange,”

ASLE will be sponsoring two panels at the MLA conference in San Francisco in December 2008: one that theorizes various methods of ecocritical practice and another that addresses the connections between environmentalism and religion. Hopefully, similarly provocative conversations will emerge.