Graduate Handbook


ASLE Handbook on Graduate Study in Literature & Environment

edited by ASLE's Graduate Liaisons:
Dan Philippon, George Hart, Gioia Woods, Melissa Goldthwaite, Barbara J. Cook, and Tina Richardson

Fourth Edition  




Choosing a School
Graduate Programs
(list updated February 2014)
Advice from the Membership
"Meeting the Tree of Life," by John Tallmadge
Bibliographical Notes
Web Resources
International Scholars 

NEW: Notes from the 2013 ASLE Conference Graduate Professionalization Panel "Nearing the Market(s)"


This is the fourth edition of the ASLE Handbook on Graduate Study in Literature & Environment.The first edition was edited by Dan Philippon and George Hart. It was published in print in 1994 and in electronic form in 1995. The second edition was edited by Gioia Woods and was published in print in 1996. The second revised edition, edited by Dan Philippon for electronic publication in 2000, integrates the two editions but did not introduce any substantive changes. The third edition, revised and updated for electronic publication in 2001, was edited by Dan Philippon and Melissa Goldthwaite. The fourth edition was updated by Barbara J. Cook and Tina Richardson in 2003, and a directory of international scholars was added in 2004.

Thanks to those individuals who helped to make the publication of this Handbook possible: Michael Branch, Brad Lucas, Susan Lucas, Cheryll Glotfelty, Richard Hunt, Scott Slovic, and John Tallmadge.


Copyright © 1994-2004 by the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. All rights reserved.