For further bibliographic resources, please consult the ASLE Bibliography, the electronic version of ASLE's annual bibliography of scholarship, and Back Issues and Index of ASLE News (formerly American Nature Writing Newsletter).  Many of these topical compilations of resources have been culled from conversations and inquiries on the ASLE discussion list.


Subject Bibliographies

Introductory Bibliographies

Bibliographical Note from the ASLE Handbook on Graduate Study in Literature and Environment
Biographies of Naturalists and/or Nature Writers, Pamela Banting
Henry David Thoreau, Kathryn Miles
Introduction to Ecocriticism, Karla Armbruster
Nature Writing Anthologies, Stephen Norwick
Nature Writing Poll, W. Scott Olsen
Good Reads: Recommendations from the 1997 Environmental Writing Institute (Univ. of Montana)
Modern, Heartfelt Books for Every Nature Library: from The Commons, Dan Franck
Poststructuralism and Environmentalism, Patrick Howard
Resources for Environmental and Science Writing, Karla Armbruster
Sources on Narrative, Story, and Rhetoric, Kathleen Wallace
Top Ten Books of Nature Writing, The World As Home
100 Best Nonfiction Books of the 20th Century Written in English about--or by an Author from--the Western United States, David Kipen
Nonfictional Prose, Dan Martin
Environmental Great Books, John Opie
Suggestions for a Freshman "Community Read," Jane Archer
Turn-of-the-Century Nature Essays, Lene Gary
Independent Bookstores, Walter Miale

Sustainable Campuses

Sustainable Campuses, Katherine Hanson
Resources on Campus Sustainability, Jeff Howard


Eco-composition Readers, Michael McDowell
Eco-composition Texts, Sehjae Chun
Environmental Writing from a Journalism Perspective, Anthony Chiaviello
The Evolution of Ecocomposition, Ute Haker
Place and Composition, Joshua Stearns

Early American Nature Writing

Early American Natural Histories, Paul Lindholt
The Age of Encounters, Dan Philippon

 Race, Gender, and Environmental Justice
Blacks, Indians, Women: 1800-1899 (Primary Sources), William Howarth
Race and Gender (Secondary Sources), William Howarth
Environmental Inequality, Natasha Brash
Environmental Justice Annotated Bibliography, Cheryll Glotfelty's graduate students
Environmental Justice, Mei Mei Evans and Wes Berry
Environmental Justice Literature, George Grattan
Environmental Racism, Lilian Carswell
Multicultural Place-Based Literature, Terrie Murray
African Americans and Nature Writing, Adam Sweeting
Native American Women and the Environment, Karla Armbruster
Contemporary, Multicultural American Women Writers, Mary Newell
International Women Nature Writers, Stephen Norwick
Rural Women (Fiction and Memoir), Mary Scriver
Rural Women, Barney Nelson
Rural Women, Stephen Norwick
Gender and the Domestic, Sandra Leigh Matthews
Gender and Environmental History, Neil Maher
Ecofeminism and Spiritual Narrative, Charles Mitchell
Ecofeminism Texts, Karla Armbruster et al.
Postcolonialism and Ecofeminism, Sehjae Chun
Same-Sex Relationships and Nature, Ellen Arnold
Women, Science, and Nature, Margo Tamez
Women, Wilderness, and Wilder Places, Pamela Banting


Scholarship on Globalization, Cheryll Glotfelty
Literature of Globalization, Cheryll Glotfelty
Local Knowledge in a Global World, Pamela Banting

Place and Space

American Space and Identity, Alyson Buckman
Coming of Age in Place, David Brande
Cultural Geography, Neil Maher
Place and Identity, Richard A. Viti
Place and Identity, Rochelle Johnson
Place-Based Environmental Education, Mitchell Thomashow
Self and Place, Gioia Woods

Regional and Place-Based Writing

Concepts and Ideas:
Natural Histories of Specific Places, Laird Christensen
Country Living
Deserts, Sheryl St. Germain
Farm Creative Non-fiction, Tom Lynch
Fire in American Literature, Jason Arenstein
Landscapes of Waste, Jill Gatlin
Mountains (esp. Rocky Mountains)
, Rebecca Douglass
The Mountains of Modernity, Dianne Chisholm
Pastoralism, Roger Hecht
Rural Books, Mary Scriver
Suburban Sprawl, Karla Armbruster
Urban Nature, Julie Wuthnow
Urban Places, Rick Van Noy
Urban Writing in Place, Paul Wise
Work and the Land
Wilderness, Kaye Adkins
Women's Mountain and Mountaineering Literature, Dianne Chisholm

Non-U.S. Regions:
Australian Nature Writing, Robert Zeller
British Nature Writing
British Nature Writing (19C.), Mary Ellen Bellanca
British Literature (20C.), Jeri Pollock
Canada (Eastern), Joshua Anchors
Canadian Environmental Literature, Brian Bartlett and Pamela Banting
Canadian Literature, Tiiu Speek
Canadian Wilderness Literature, Pamela Banting
The Caribbean
German Ecocriticism
New Zealand Writers, C. L. Rawlins
Spanish EcoAuthors
World Literature, Bri Nguyen
World Literature and the Environment, Heather Sullivan

Eastern U.S.:
Adirondacks (19C), Philip Terrie
Appalachia, Wes Berry
Gulf of Maine, Kent Curtis
Hudson River Writers, Laird Christensen
Pennsylvania Nature Writers, Breyan Strickler

Central and Western U.S.:
Grasslands, Diana L. Boeckmann
Great Plains, Mark Hoyer
Mississippi River
Colorado Plateau, Christine Paige
Pacific Northwest Literature, Douglas Sackman
Northern Coastal California Literature, Lene Gary

Northern Landscapes:
Arctic Readings, Rob Brault
Life in the Cold
Polar Women Writers, Mary Elizabeth Braun

Coasts and Islands
Dams in Fiction, Kristi Thorne
Ocean Readings, Pat Walters
Riparian Landscapes, Canoes, and Rivers, Tim Hudson
River Historiography, Eugene MacIntyre
River Literature, Rick Van Noy
River Titles, Daniel Patterson
Texas Coast and North Atlantic Seashore, Guy Dore
Water Theory, Jeffrey Thomson
Water, Water, Everywhere, Allison Wallace

Creatures and their Uses
Animal Elegies, Ralph Black
Dogs in American Literature, Bernie Quetchenbach
Hunting, Rob Brault
Images of Animals, Paul Tidwell
Insects in Literature, Patrick Howard
Literary Texts/Films about Humans and other Animals, Karla Armbruster
What Is It Like to Be an Animal?, Dale Jamieson

Children's Literature
Ecocentric Children's Texts (annotated), Pamela Swanigan
Environmental Children's Literature, Karla Armbruster
Disney and Nature, Ralph Lutts
Kids Books about Nature, Stephen Norwick

Environmental Fiction

Ecological Science Fiction I, David Brande
Ecological Science Fiction II
, Judith Mueller
Environmental Sleuths
, Fred Waage
Green Novels for Freshmen
, Paul Lindholdt
Health and Healing Short Stories
, Barbara Cook
Naturalist Characters in Fiction
, Susan Rosen
Novels for Nature Writing Courses
, Isaiah Smithson
Post-Apocalyptic Eco-Fiction
Terrorism Fiction, Joel Martineau

Environmental Poetry and Drama
Nature Poetry, Laird Christensen
New Anthologies of Nature Poetry, Chip Rawlins
Eco-drama, Lauri Chose

Environmental Films
Ecocritical Fiction Films, Joe Jordan
Environmental Films, Gioia Woods
Environment and Society Films, David Sonnenfeld
Environmental, Native American, and Western Films, Dan Philippon
Films on Environmental Crisis (1945-80), Hannes Bergthaller
Literary Texts/Films about Humans and other Animals, Karla Armbruster
Midwestern Films, Tom Dean
Urban/Rural Films, Elizabeth Henry

Environmental History
American Environmental Histories, Isaiah Smithson
Ecohistory, Stephen Norwick
Environmental History of Latin America, Bob Wilcox
John Muir and Gifford Pinchot, Elizabeth Henry
History of Environmental Policy in the US, Tracy Dyke Redmond
World Environmental History, J. Donald Hughes

Environmental Music
Earth First! Eco-Music, Dennis Fritzinger
Eco-protest Music, C. L. Rawlins
Green Rock 'n' Roll, Adam Sweeting
Songs about Natural Disasters, Bill Kerrigan
University of Oregon Eco-Playlist, Nathan Straight

Environmental Studies
Adventure, Cheryll Glotfelty
Atomic Bomb Literature, Ellen Arnold
American Environmental Studies, Dan Flores
Ecological/Environmental Literacy, Karla Armbruster
Ecological Restoration, Cheryll Glotfelty (PDF)
Environmental Autobiographies, Mary Hussmann
Food for Thought, Allison Wallace
Garbage and Waste, Will Elliott
Green Pornography, Bart Welling
Human Impacts, Environment, and Ecology, Ashwani Vasishth
Ideas of Nature, Peter Walker
Industrial Literature, Chip Rawlings
Influence of Environmentalists on Science, Ariadne Furnival
Religion and the Environment, Jim Dwyer
Single Trees, Cheryll Glotfelty
The Voice of Nature, Christine Nadir
Voluntary Simplicity, Glynnis Carr
Writing about Night, Paul Bogard


Bibliographical Resources from Other Sites

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