Earth First! Music

Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002
From: Dennis Fritzinger <>

These are just songs that are published in one of the Earth First! songbooks over the years. Some of them are still available on tape or CD.  This is by no means a complete list. In addition, folks like Katie Lee have made their tapes available through the Earth First! Journal. Earth First! has been one of the best sources of inspirational eco-music around since its inception.



First and greatest of the Earth First! Musicians was Johnny Sagebrush.  Here's a list of songs that he'd entertain us with at campfires, roadshows and rallies:

Bad Wolf
D.C. Circus
For The Wilderness
Give Me That Earth First! Religion
It's Time To Fight
Justifiable Rivercide
Lock It Up
Look What We've Done
Never Take Those Trees Away
Oh, Wilderness
Put Down Your Axe, Paul Bunyan
Rape & Scrapin'
Sacred Land
Stand In Front Of That 'Dozer
The Buffalo Are Gone
They'll Be Tearing Down The Mountain
Thinking Like a Mountain
Were You There When They Built Glen Canyon Damn?
Will Our Mother Be Unbroken?
Will They Do It Again?
You Can't Screw Around With Mother Nature

Next in line was Cecelia Ostrow:
Let Things Grow
My Sweet Oregon Home
Oh, California
Warrior Of The Earth
You Were There For Me
You've Got The Power

Then John Seed dropped in from Australia, bringing Frog & Brenda's "Tonka
Toys" and his own song, Extinction

Somewhere around here Bill Oliver showed up:
Back To The Earth
Bugis And The Beast
If Cans Were Nickels
Muir Power To You
Pine Away Pine Bark Beetle
Pretty Paper, Pretty Trees
Shopping Maul
Snail Darter March
Song For William O. Douglas
Spawn Till You Die
Texas Oasis
Turtle Island
Woodpecker Rebellion

So did Greg Keeler:
Death Valley Days
Fossil-Fuel Cowboy
Make Bucks, Get Rich, Be Better Than Everybody, Get Fat & Have A Heart Attack
Manly Men
Ski Yellowstone
What's Left Of The West

And Walkin' Jim Stoltz:
A Kid For The Wild
Forever Wild
Listen To The Earth
Lone Lion Runs
Power In The Earth
Spirit Is Still On The Run
The Litter Song
Wild Wind

Darryl Cherney got involved early:
Arizona Power Lines
Earth First!
Earth First! (We'll Log The Other Planets Later)
Earth First! Maid
Give 'Em Hell, Sally Bell
He Looked A Whole Lot Like Jesus
You Can't Clearcut Your Way To Heaven

So did Dana Lyons:
Cows With Guns
I Am An Animal
My Country
Sea Shepherd
The Tree
Turn Of The Wrench
TV god

Joanne Rand came along:
Never Alone
Remember Me
Working Woman

Next we heard from Kelly Cranston:
Bright Ocean Waters
Free The Wolf

Alice Di Micele:
If I Was A Wolf

Scotty Johnson:
Century Of Fools
Spirit Lives

Casey Neill:
The Courage You've Shown
Dancing On The Ruins
Hallowed Be Thy Ground

Robert Hoyt:
Red River

Danny Dolinger:
End Of The World
Ghost Of A Chance
Sierra Blanca Song

and Jim Page:
Oregon Landslide