Visual & Multi-Media Resources


This is a new area of the ASLE Web site we would like to develop with the help of members and other users.  We welcome your input on visual and multi-media resources you have developed for use in your courses and are willing to share.  We also would like to hear about online resources that have been developed and that you have found useful.  We hope to create links to these online resources, or to house some of them here if technically reasonable.

If you have developed or used any visual or multi-media resources that might be of assistance to those in the field of literature and environment or related fields, please email the ASLE Managing Director to discuss linking to them or mounting them here. 


Based in the UK, this is art event and exhibition website promoting and giving information on art events and exhibitions that look at site responsive work in both urban and natural environments.


Founded in 2005 to explore environmental issues and convergent media from an interdisciplinary perspective. The collaborative explores what it means to be a modern ecological being amidst networked environments, including biological systems, global cultural exchanges, international commerce, industrial grids, digital networks, and the world wide web.


Look Sharp
Project Look Sharp is a media literacy initiative of Ithaca College to provide materials, training and support for the effective integration of media literacy with critical thinking into classroom curricula at all education levels.  There are curriculum kits and lessons on environment, health, global studies, etc.


Ecomedia Studies
Website and blog that seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to the study of non-print media as it applies to environmental discourse and action.
This is an online "museum" featuring environmentally themed artwork with photographs and descriptions.  See especially:
Artists and Exhibits

Teaching Art in the Context of Everyday Life (article)


The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts


iLCP: International League of Conservation Photographers
A nonprofit organization whose mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography.  Enter their "12 Shots" photo contest (see their homepage above).


Signal Fire
Signal Fire facilitates outdoor opportunities for artists and activists of all disciplines and backgrounds.


The NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) Environmental Art Prize


Environmental Photographer of the Year (deadline for submission July 31)


Teaching Environment through Art (paper)



Calls for Programs, Learning Opportunities, Residencies


June 15, 2012.  Caldera Arts Artist In Residency Program.  Every winter we invite artists from all over the world to our Caldera Arts Center near Sisters, Oregon, for monthlong residences. Artists are provided private A-frame cabins and share access to wet and dry studios, a darkroom, a kiln, editing facilities and rehearsal and performance space.  Because we believe a range of backgrounds enhances the communal experience, residencies are open to artists from any field, as well as scientists, engineers and environmentalists.  Caldera’s Artists in Residence program offers the gift of time and space. Residents are given a cabin, 24-hour access to studios and the time and space to create.  No money changes hands. Residents are responsible for food, travel, materials and other expenses. By design, the residents form a small community of 5–12 artists, depending on the group. A weekly meal is shared and collaboration is encouraged.

Artists aren’t required to finish a project during their residency, but are encouraged to share their work with the nearby community. Many artists give presentations in the neighboring town of Sisters, or area schools, or migrate toward Caldera’s youth program and help with kids’ art projects. Residencies last one month, and take place in January, February and March.  Read more at

The due date for applications is June 15.  Panels meet in late summer to review the applications, and invitations are made in early September.  A panel of fellow artists and art professionals chooses 15–35 artists for the residencies each year. The panel changes each year in order to keep the program dynamic.
Professional artists from all disciplines, as well as scientists, engineers and environmentalists, are eligible. Alumni must wait a year before reapplying.

Applications must be postmarked by June 15 and should include a fee of $35 made out to Caldera. Credit card payments can be taken over the phone.  Applications should be sent to Caldera, Artists In Residence Program, 31500 Blue Lake Drive, Sisters, OR 97759.  The application to be part of the 2013 residencies is now available: