Related Resources

Here are some helpful beginning web resources in the fields of environmental literature and environmental studies.  Other fields related to the environmental humanities, but not represented here, include physical and cultural geography and green religious studies. Additional outside resources can be found throughout our website, including listings of affiliated organizations, journals and book series, conferences, discussion lists, bibliographies, environmental texts, and syllabi. 


Visual and Multimedia Resources


Environmental Literature 


Organizations & Publications

Organizations, publications, and resources concerned with the study of environmental literature. 

Academic Programs

Directories and descriptions of college and university programs related to literature and environment. 

Environmental Writers

Resources for the study of specific environmental writers. 

U.S. Regional Literature

Resources for the practice and study of writing in and about specific regions in the United States. 

Booksellers & Publishers

Booksellers, publishers, and video producers and distributors dedicated to or with a strong history of environmental publications. 



Environmental Studies 

Environmental Arts & Humanities 

Organizations, publications, and resources for the study of environmental arts and humanities, environmental sound, environmental communication, and environmental journalism. 

Environmental History

Directories, organizations, publications, and resources concerned with environmental history. 

Environmental Philosophy

Directories, organizations, publications, and resources concerned with environmental philosophy and ethics. 

Environmental Education

Directories, organizations, and resources concerned with environmental education. 


Resources pointing to more resources, including news organizations and web sites that link to or abstract environmental information.