Environmental Writers

General Interest 

Ecology Hall of Fame

A site dedicated to the heroes of the American environmental movement. 



Naturalists, Travelers, and Others 

A Romantic Natural History
A website designed to survey the relationships between literary works and natural history in the century before Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species (1859). 

Bartram Trail Conference
Seeks to encourage the study, preservation, and interpretation of William Bartram's heritage at both cultural and natural sites in Bartram Trail states. 

Alexander Wilson, American Ornithologist
Plates from the eight volumes of Wilson's Ornithology, as well as a biography, bibliography, and collection of links. 

Lewis and Clark
PBS site associated with Ken Burns's film documentary about Lewis and Clark. 

Discovering Lewis and Clark
The centerpiece of this site is a 19-part synopsis of the expedition by Harry Fritz, Professor of History at the University of Montana, illustrated with selections from the journals of the expedition, photographs, maps, animated graphics, moving pictures, and sound files. 

Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
A Smithsonian Institution site that allows users to participate in the explorers' historic cross-country trek from a naturalist's point of view. 

The Life and Works of Herman Melville
Dedicated to disseminating information about Herman Melville on the Internet and the World Wide Web. 

George Perkins Marsh Online Research Center
Includes letters to and from George Perkins Marsh, the author of Man and Nature (1864). 



The Transcendentalists: Emerson and Thoreau 

American Transcendentalism Web
Initiated by Virginia Commonwealth University graduate students, this site contains information on literary texts, authors, roots and influences, philosophies of nature, bibliographies, and other web resources.

Provides both original content and links to other material on the Internet for the study of the Transcendentalists.

RWE.org: The Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ralph Waldo Emerson's works, poems, and essays. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Texts
Contains searchable Emerson texts, commentary, background information, and a discussion list. 

Thoreau, Walden, and the Environment
Contains the home pages for three nonprofit organizations: the Walden Woods Project, the Thoreau Society, and the Thoreau Institute. 

The Thoreau Reader
Site contains searchable Thoreau texts, commentary, and background information. 

Writings of Henry D. Thoreau
This site contains information about a project to recover and publish all of Thoreau's work.



The Poets: Whitman and Dickinson 

The Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive
 An electronic research and teaching tool that sets out to make Whitman's vast work easily and conveniently accessible to scholars, students, and general readers. 

Poetry of Walt Whitman
Brief biography, related links, and selection of some of Whitman's more famous poems.

The Emily Dickinson International Society
The Society creates a forum for appreciation of Emily Dickinson's life and writings and for scholarly research on Dickinson and on her relation to the tradition of American poetry and women's literature. 

Dickinson Electronic Archives
Devoted to the study of Emily Dickinson, her writing practices, writings generated by her work, and writings directly influencing her work. 



"The Two Johns": Burroughs and Muir 


Catskill Archive - John Burroughs
Brings together biographical and critical information about John Burroughs, provides information about the John Burroughs Association, and highlights the collections of the American Museum of Natural History. 

John Burroughs Page
The purpose of this site is to generate interest in John Burroughs and to encourage new research on his published works. Site contains biography, bibliography, commentary, forum, etc. 

John Muir Exhibit
This Sierra Club-sponsored exhibit features the life and legacy of John Muir: naturalist, writer, and conservationist. Site features biography, pictures, writings, etc. 

The John Muir Global Network
A portal dedicated to celebrating and inspiring environmental protection through the life of John Muir. This site contains a wealth of Muir links. 



The Age of Ecology: Leopold and Carson 


About Aldo Leopold
An Aldo Leopold metaresource, containing links to Leopold sites, publications, etc. 

Aldo Leopold Excerpts
Excerpts and quotes from Leopold's work. 

Devoted to the life and legacy of Rachel Carson--biography, bibliography, links, etc. 



Other Twentieth-Century Americans 


Abbey's Web
A privately run site with a diverse assortment of Abbey-related material.

Loren Eiseley: Essayist, Philosopher, Literary Naturalist
Biography, readings, and bibliography about the anthropologist and nature writer. 

Jeffers Studies
A triquarterly print and web publication of the Robinson Jeffers Association. Site contains biography, bibliography, forum, etc. 

The Jack London Collection
A comprehensive collection of material on London and his work. 

Sigurd F. Olson Web Site
A site created by Olson's biographer with assorted material, including biography, bibliography, links to The Listening Point Foundation, The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, etc. 

Paul Shepard
This web site, prepared by William S. Kowinski on behalf of Florence R. Shepard, intends to introduce and celebrate the adventure of Paul Shepard's life and work. 

Wallace Stegner Environmental Center
Hosted by the San Francisco Public Library, this site contains a biography, information about collection, events schedule, links, etc. 

Cormac McCarthy Home Page
Official web site of the Cormac McCarthy Society, with an online journal, news, forum, etc. 



Contemporary Americans 

Linda Hogan
An official site, constructed with the assistance and active collaboration of Linda Hogan. 

Brad Hurley
The journals and sketchbooks Hurley kept as a young teenager in southern New York State. 

Barbara Kingsolver
Contains a bibliography, biography, Q&A, and updates. 

Daniel Quinn
A gateway to the ideas of Daniel Quinn, author of the influential book Ishmael. 

Robert Winkler: Nature Writing
A collection of essays on birds and other wildlife in New England's "suburban wilderness." 

The Works of Gary Ferguson
Includes information about Ferguson and his books, appearances, events, and lecture topics. 

Wendee Holtcamp
Biography, resume, articles, poetry, and photographs by Wendee Holtcamp. 



International Authors 


The World of Kenji Miyazawa
Site dedicated to the work of this Japanese author. Contains translations, commentary, links, etc. 

Peter Nicholson
An introduction to the work of Australian poet Peter Nicholson. 

Márcia Theóphilo
The topic of Márcia Theóphilo's work is the Amazonian forest: its people, river, animals, trees, and myths; its beauty; and the danger of its destruction. 

Nils-Aslak Valkeapää
The theme of Valkeapää's poetry is nature, love, and social justice.