ASLE is Fundraising to Continue Grants Programs

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“Translating a book is a labor of love,” says Michael Berman of the University of California, San Diego. “Unfortunately, love alone doesn’t pay the bills.” Love and necessity–that’s what it comes down to for the recipients of ASLE grants. To open new worlds for students, one must have resources. To honor the work of activists, to beat the ticking clock of tenure, there must be support from the community. We need to raise at least $12,000 to fund the grants ...

New Advocacy Policy Approved by EC

The Executive Council has passed a new Advocacy Policy that enables us to engage publicly with issues of concern to the organization and the membership.

Under the new policy:

The Executive Council is permitted to endorse publicly a policy or statement related to ASLE’s central concerns, such as environmental justice, literary and cultural studies, environmental education, and so on.

Members in good standing may propose that ASLE endorse a stance on academic issues of concern, especially those related to tenure, shared governance, and academic freedom. The Executive ...