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Humans: Artis Natura Vol 2. Iss. 1

Humans – Artis Natura, vol. 2, n° 1 – Winter 2018

The editorial committee at Artis Natura is searching for emerging artists and researchers to contribute to a thematic issue on its cultural online platform. This project has taken the form of a blog reviewed and published by an editorial committee, where researchers, artists, and writers can share reflections on the reciprocal relationship between humans and nature.

This third issue will focus on humans. The questioning of anthropocentrism, stimulated by the realities of the current ...

Ecolinguistics Article Sought for “The Green Critique”

For the edited volume “The Green Critique.”

We invite an article or a book review on 1. ecolinguistics 2. Eco Pedagogy and teaching 3. Zoo theory Interested scholars can contact and submit at the email below as early as possible, as the deadline has already passed. For questions, contact: For more information: Thanks.

Southeast Asian Media Studies Association Journal

Please see below the first call for papers for the journal of the newly formed Southeast Asian Media Studies Association (SEAMSA), including a focus on Southeast Asian media and environment.


Southeast Asian Media Studies October 2018, Vol. 1, No. 1 December 2018, Vol. 1, No. 2

SPECIAL FOCUS Explorations in Southeast Asian Media Studies: Theories, Trajectories, and Futures

RECOMMENDED TOPICS The first two issues of the journal aim to provide a collection of theoretical and discursive articles on Southeast Asian media studies and literacy. The recommended topics are the following:

Definitions, ...

The Goose Issue 17.1: Weather, Climate, and Atmosphere

The Goose: A Journal of Arts, Environment, and Culture in Canada invites submissions for issue 17.1 (publication in August 2018). This is both a general call and a call for submissions with a focus on weather, climate, and atmosphere.

Weather, Climate, and Atmosphere

Weathered bodies, weathered houses, weathered cars, weathered clothes, weathered relationships, weathered dreams—these all bear scars of what has worn them down, and of what they have been asked to carry, to survive, and to hack. –Astrida Neimanis and Jennifer Hamilton, “The Weather is ...

Avenging Nature: A Survey of the Role of Nature in Modern and Contemporary Art and Literature

Call for essays for a volume tentatively titled “Avenging Nature, a Survey of the Role of Nature in Modern Contemporary Art and Literature.”

Article proposal deadline: July 1st, 2018

At the dawn of ‘ecocriticism’ as a discipline of study within the Humanities, Glotfelty and Fromm (1996), in the first general reader in the matter, defined it as the critical practice that examines the relationship between literary and cultural studies and the natural world. In general terms, during the past two decades, ecocriticism has denounced the anthropocentric ...

Romantic Legacies: Transnational and Transdisciplinary Contexts

We’d like to invite an art historian, comparatist, or interdisciplinary literary scholar in the field of the environmental humanities to contribute to our edited volume Romantic Legacies: Transnational and Transdisciplinary Contexts, to be published in the Routledge Studies in Comparative Literature series in 2019.

The volume comprises two major national groupings: first, the major Romantic traditions that developed in Germany, Britain, France, and the US; and second, the influence and cross-pollination of these traditions in Russia, China, India, and Japan. The volume is divided ...

Big Data and the Environmental Humanities

European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology

Guest editors: John Parham (University of Worcester, UK) and Scott Slovic (University of Idaho) Big Data and the Environmental Humanities

Ecologically, we are confronted by forms of potential destruction that cannot immediately be seen – processes of species extinction, pollution, climate change, that Timothy Morton has called ‘hyperobjects’. This is not a new cultural dilemma. Morton suggests that the nineteenth century witnessed an increasingly fearful perception of its own hyperobjects – geological time, evolution, the conservation or dissolution of ...

“Seafaring America” Series

Call for book proposals from the Seafaring America series, published by UP New England and Williams College-Mystic Seaport.

Seafaring America (UPNE) ______

The University Press of New England and the Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program seek book proposals for our “Seafaring America” series.

We are looking for works in three categories: 1. Suggestions for timely reissues of forgotten, out-of-print American works of literary and cultural distinction, with new introductions that frame the work for a modern audience. 2. Proposals for anthologies and/or selected editions of writers’ work. 3. Proposals ...

Edited Volume: Free Range: An Open Inquiry into the Nonhuman in Border Studies

Edited Volume: Free Range: An Open Inquiry into the Nonhuman in Border Studies

Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2018. Full articles will be due June 30, 2018.

ORGANIZERS: LR CUNNINGHAM (University of Nevada, Reno) and ALEJANDRA MARQUEZ (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

contact email:


A man can’t die where there is no earth

because there will be no place

to bury him. His body is the sky

and understands the language of birds.

–“Where the Sky Meets the Earth”, Todd Kaneko.

What or where we are not; who can ...

Prose poetry

Arcs magazine is an on-line magazine specialized exclusively with prose poem.

We accept any prose poem characterized by following: 1- Written in English. 2- Written in sentences and paragraph.( horizontal as prose piece) 3- Written in poetic narration (anti-narration). 4- Unsolicited.

For more information see:


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