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Environmental Criticism: Seventh Issue of Soroud Journal

A Call for Contribution to the Seventh Issue of Soroud Journal

“Environmental Criticism”

The seventh issue of Soroud magazine (forthcoming December 2021) will be devoted to environmental criticism/ecocriticism, which an umbrella term that is interdisciplinary and adopts different readings. Many definitions of environmental criticism have been adopted, drawn from different theoretical perspectives but that all revolve around the relation between literature and the environment, be it physical, natural, human, or non-human.

Environmental criticism tries to reconsider a series of concepts, such as ‘human’ and ‘nature’, and ...

Call for Submissions: ASLE-UKI Inaugural Book Prize 2021

ASLE-UKI Book Prize 2021

Deadline for Nominations: January 31st, 2021

We are pleased to announce the inauguration of the biennial ASLE-UKI book prizes. There will be two categories:

the best academic monograph in ecocriticism and the environmental humanities published at any time in 2019 or 2020 (please note this does not include edited collections). the best work of creative writing in any form or genre with an ecological theme published at any time in 2019 or 2020.

The initial long list will be drawn up from nominations received ...

Narratives in the Anthropocene Era

The arrival of the Covid-19 virus seems, then, only the last act in date of a situation that has lasted for decades, the consequence of a geological epoch, that of the Anthropocene, characterized by the unstoppable impact of human action on the biosphere and on every category of living beings. An era that is progressively affirmed in the literary and social imagination, where nature acquires an increasingly autonomous narrative force, no longer filtered by the human gaze of the subject that observes it. ...

Call for Papers – LEA 10 (2021)

Call for Papers – LEA 10 (2021)

LEA is a peer-reviewed international scholarly journal that publishes original research papers in all areas of literature and linguistics, with special emphasis on cross-cultural encounters and interdisciplinary exchanges (

“Contact, contamination, and contagion”

Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2021 Publication: December 2021

Although primarily perceived as threats, both contamination (from the Latin contaminare, to blend, mingle) and contagion (con-tangĕre, to touch together) imply some form of communication and transmission “by contact direct or mediate” (OED). Understood as procedures of exchange, they ...

Indian English Poetry: A Critical Evaluation

Call for Papers on “Indian English Poetry: A Critical Evaluation”

Authentic, scholarly and unpublished research papers are invited from academics and writers for publication in an edited volume with ISBN. Authors are requested to strictly follow the submission guidelines mentioned herewith in their papers. Only electronic submission via email will be accepted for publication. The proposed title of the volume which is below, may subject to change:

“Indian English Poetry: A Critical Evaluation”

Submission may include but are not limited to the works of following poets:

Pre-Independence ...

Humanities Bulletin, Volume 3, Number 2, November 2020, UK

Humanities Bulletin Journal Submission Deadline: April 25, 2021 Vol. 4, No. 1 – May, 2021

ISSN 2517-4266

Humanities Bulletin is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed Journal which features original studies and reviews in the various branches of Humanities, including History, Literature, Philosophy, Arts. This journal is not allied with any specific school of thinking or cultural tradition; instead, it encourages dialogue between ideas and people with different points of view. Our aim is to bring together different international scholars, in order to promote the dialogue between cultures, ideas and new ...

Mark Twain and the West

SPECIAL ISSUE: Mark Twain and the West

The Mark Twain Annual will commemorate the sesquicentennial of Roughing It in 2022 with a special issue devoted to Mark Twain and the West. The Annual is seeking article-length submissions that examine Twain’s relationship to all aspects of the American West.

This broad scope allows for critical examinations of Twain’s work as:

• Western regionalist writing • Twain and indigenous peoples • Twain and immigrant populations • Commentary on the American frontier • Twain and domestic travel • Twain’s Western journalism • The West as ...

becoming-Feral: a bestiarum vocabulum

becoming-Feral is a creative research publication which aims to investigate the complex relationships between human/other-animals and the shifting categories of wild/feral/domestic, set within landscapes constantly being altered by global transformations of climate and capitalism. We are interested in exploring reciprocal and responsive multispecies reactions to the act of becoming-Feral.

becoming-Feral will curate a prismatic and multifaceted perspective on our understandings of other-animals and their ‘wildness’ through the form of a bestiarum vocabulum (book of beasts). We invite creative contributions from anyone: zoologists; scholars; researchers; ...

Acoustic and Visual Ecology of Damaged Planet

Special Issue of AM Journal of Art and Media Studies

Guest Editor: Tatiana Prorokova-Konrad

This special issue of AM Journal of Art and Media Studies invites scholars in the environmental and energy humanities, media studies, film studies, musicology, sound studies, and cultural studies to probe climate change and environmental degradation from the visual and sound perspectives and their intersection. We are particularly interested in how various visual and sound media, including film, TV, theater, art, and music, address the problem of the invisibility of the ...

Deep Wild Journal Undergraduate Poetry Contest

Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry is currently open for entries to our 2021 Undergraduate Poetry Contest, and will remain so until March 1. Students currently enrolled in undergraduate studies are invited to send us their best single poem of up to 70 lines that is backcountry infused and inspired. There is no fee to submit, and winners will receive cash prizes.

We are also open for general submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art. Previously published is welcome. The deadline for general submissions ...

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