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The Green Critique

The Green Critique A collection of critical essays (edited volume with ISBN number) Deadline for submissions: 15 January 2018

Email ID for the submission of paper:

The sub-themes are as follows:

Ecological Imperialism Women and nature: similarity and differences Environmental challenges and responses Ecopoetics Ecocriticism and Folklore Eco-consciousness in classic literature Deep Ecology Postcolonial Ecocriticism: Nature, Culture, Power. Ecocomposition and Rhetoric Eco Pedagogy and teaching Man, masculinity and nature Environmental ethics Nature and supernature Zoo theory and nature Animals and/in Ecocriticism Editing requirements

Font & size: Times New Roman 12, Spacing: 1.5 lines, Margin of 1 inch on all four sides Title of the ...


Unearthed is an online magazine published by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and run by the Writing Program. Unearthed honors the legacy of SUNY-ESF’s original print creative journal, Ecologue and seeks to publish work in the genres of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, photography, and artwork.

Unearthed publishes work that focuses on the built and natural environments including pieces with a focus on sustainability, science, engineer- ing, communication, design, policy, media, eco-critique, and activism. We especially encourage submission of works that are new media ...

Constructing and Controlling Indigenous Identity Through Place: “Location, Location, Location”

Call for Submissions to themed issue of the journal Archivation Exploration

Indigenous identity is connected to place, perhaps rooted most strongly in the relationship between place and self rather than simply the location itself. In the chapter “A Better World Becoming: Placing Critical Indigenous Studies” appearing in Aileen Moreton’s essay collection Critical Indigenous Studies: Engagements in First World Locations, Daniel Heath Justice explains that, “Belonging is about being woven into the fabric of the land and its legacies, accepting the knowledge that your future ...

Culture, Transport, Global Warming

One of humanity’s most serious problems, climate change is clearly a ‘human-made’ catastrophe. Various factors have contributed to global warming now turning into reality. One of the most significant, along with power generation and industry, is of course CO2 omissions from transport using fossil fuels. While both technological progress and climate change are popular themes in literature, film, and the visual arts, the equivalent cultural obsession with these issues is both scary and paradoxical. Cultural media have celebrated the might of technology, the ...

Ecocomposition at the Community College

Contributions are invited to a proposed volume of essays on teaching ecocomposition at the community college level.

The focus of this volume is the powerful connection between the pedagogical aims of ecocomposition and the pedagogical philosophy of community colleges. Today, all higher education faces a greater push for accountability and relevance, but community colleges in particular are disciplined for degree completion agendas, job readiness, and student engagement/retention. Ecocomposition is ideally suited for high engagement teaching practices like active learning, multimodal learning, service learning, interdisciplinarity, ...

Waterman Fund Wilderness Essay Contest

Waterman Fund Essay Contest, 2018

As the world hums along, what wilderness and wildness mean to cultures and individuals changes as well. Guy and Laura Waterman spent their lives exploring, living and writing within the boundaries of culture and nature, and through the annual essay contest, the Waterman Fund seeks new voices on the role and place of wilderness in the modern world. Political turmoil, refugee crises, climate change, 24-hour news access, gun violence, racial and religious intolerance, pollution and all the rest play ...

Women’s Studies Special Issue: Futures of Feminist Science Studies

This special issue of Women’s Studies: an interdisciplinary journal invites submissions that address the intersections among science studies, feminism, and cultural studies. We are especially interested in work that explores the possibilities that emerge from feminist science studies both as a scholarly project that critiques science’s “culture of no culture” and as a pedagogical intervention that offers avenues of innovation and instruction in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies classroom. In this spirit, submissions for this issue should fall into one of two ...

Disability Studies and Ecocriticism: Critical and Creative Intersections (journal issue: Studies in the Humanities)

Disability Studies and Ecocriticism: Critical and Creative Intersections

Special double journal issue: Studies in the Humanities

This CFP calls for critical essays and creative works that address the intersection of disability studies and ecocriticism, or disability and the environment. In terms of critical essays, we will consider analyses of novels, poetry, comics, dance, art, and movies. We will also consider creative works (including creative nonfiction, poetry, and fiction) that center on an exploration of the relationship(s) between disability and the environment.

We are particularly interested ...

Special Issue CFP: Music, Sound, and the Aurality of the Environment in the Anthropocene: Spiritual and Religious Perspectives

Music, Sound, and the Aurality of the Environment in the Anthropocene: Spiritual and Religious Perspectives, Special Issue of Yale Journal of Music & Religion

Guest Editor, Kate Galloway (Wesleyan University)

Yale Journal of Music & Religion invites articles examining connections between music, sound, aurality, and the environment in global expressions of spirituality and religious activity. Examining how environments, places, and nature are approached as sites endowed with spiritual and religious significance, this issue focuses on the intersections of music, sound, religion, and the environment. Possible topics include: ...

Hawk & Handsaw – Journal of Creative Sustainability

Hawk & Handsaw–The Journal of Creative Sustainability publishes thought-provoking written and visual art that interprets and redefines notions of sustainability. Hawk & Handsaw is a publication from Unity College, America’s Environmental College.

We publish a monthly feature during the traditional academic calendar typically highlighting work from an author and works from a visual artist. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. We are also looking for undergraduate student work to highlight in the Eyas blog.

For written submissions, we accept poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction short stories ...

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