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Unchaining Sustainability: Working and Teaching for Regeneration and Resilience

Unchaining Sustainability: Working and Teaching for Regeneration and Resilience

In recent decades, U.S. institutions of higher education have in general moved toward supporting energy sustainability through course work and recycling programs, and many–from state universities and R1 institutions all the way across to private four-year colleges and associate degree schools– do a thoughtful job of introducing students to general concepts of broader but still diversity-light global sustainability. Although such courses and curricula, and the institutions that offer them, often link the effects of our ...

Environmental Humanities Approaches to Climate Change

Call For Papers: Environmental Humanities Approaches to Climate Change A special issue of Humanities

Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2019 For further information and to submit a manuscript, visit the special issue website:

‘Environmental Humanities Approaches to Climate Change’ investigates the various ways in which we experience climate change. ‘Climate,’ writes Mike Hulme, ‘is weather which has been cultured, interpreted and acted on by the imagination, through story-telling and using material technologies’ (Weathered: Cultures of Climate). Whereas weather can be experienced directly, climate and climate change ...

When Birds Are Near: A literary anthology about birds and birding

Seeking literary essays for an anthology to be published by Cornell University Press on the pleasures and adventures of birding.

Please send me your essays not longer than 4,000 words (approximately 14 pages double spaced), though all lengths will be considered. Previously published material will be considered.

Editor: Susan Fox Rogers.

For more information or to submit work:

Beastly Modernisms

Call for Poems: Beastly Modernisms University of Glasgow September 12-13 2019

Whether it’s Virginia Woolf crafting a playful biography of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning’s dog in Flush, Clarice Lispector pondering the metaphysics of chickens in ‘The Egg and the Chicken’, or Marianne Moore with her elegant swans and pigeons, modernism is quite the menagerie of poetic animals. As part of an interdisciplinary conference on Beastly Modernisms, hosted by the University of Glasgow in September 2019, we invite friends, colleagues and writers alike to submit their own creative take ...

The Horror of Relations: A Dark Philosophy of Interdependence Through Film

The Horror of Relations: A Dark Philosophy of Interdependence Through Film

The idea of interdependence is all around us. It results from the explosive growth of “ecological thinking” broadly construed. Fundamental to that idea is the view that, in some way, we’re all connected – to each other, to other organisms, and to our environments both analog and digital. And implicit here is the idea that this connectedness is a good and beautiful thing. Being connected well makes us stronger, healthier, more engaged, and ...

Queer Rurality

Appalachian communities have begun to explore their own identities, histories, oppressions, and deviant culture through oral histories, rural craft and art, online forums and facebook groups, zine culture, and scholarship. We propose an anthology which will act as a reclaiming of Appalachian and rural culture, an exploration of how these ‘weird’ and ‘deviant’ spaces and identities are constructed, and how this understanding of ‘Appalachian’ is sustained through scholarship, oral history, online communities such as Queer Appalachia or Weird Appalachia, and artistic practices. Current ...

Worldwide Waste: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

On behalf of the Editorial Board, it is my pleasure to share with the launching of Worldwide Waste:Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. The journal will be of direct interest to scholars in postcolonial studies, waste and discard studies, environmental humanities, cultural anthropology and others. We have issued a Call for Papers, Special Collection: ‘Unpacking Food and Drink’ (details below).

Worldwide Waste Journal is the first interdisciplinary, fully open access peer-reviewed journal devoted entirely to a critical interrogation of the cultural, social, economic and political systems ...

Identity Broodings and Inter-Referential Pathways in Chicana/o Culture

Identity Broodings and Inter-Referential Pathways in Chicana/o Culture

The Chicano Movement (El Movimiento) in the late 1960s signaled the flow of multiple Chicana/o cultural expressions notably associated with an intricate matrix of socio-political claims for self-empowerment. Pledging to enhance the inter-referential connection(s) between the community’s subversive tactics and the vast cosmos of dispossessed groupings across the globe, Chicana/o writers, artists and thinkers have undertaken to decipher the enigmas of being-in-the-world by making visible numerous enveloping discourses of appropriation. For instance, the Mexican American literary ...

Through the Looking Glass: Snapshot Study of Selected Plays of Dattani

Through the Looking Glass: ‘Snapshot’ Study of Selected Plays of Dattani

Indian drama boasts an ancient nativity, born of the womb of Bharatmuni’s Natyashastra and embraced the Western dramatic tradition only with the coming of the Britishers. But that too happens to be an old story and in the 21st century Indian English dramatists are creating innovative and awe-inspiring plays that are amalgamation of the East and the West and at the same time transpasses all geographical boundaries in spirit and execution. Leading the plethora ...

“Environmental Humanities: Ecocriticism and Cultural Decolonization”“Humanidades ambientales: ecocrítica y descolonización cultural”

Call for Essay Proposals for a Monograph of 452°F # 21 (Summer 2019) Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature

Convocatoria Monográfico 452°F # 21 (Verano 2019) Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada

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