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Guest-edited by Rachel Bouvet and Stephanie Posthumus

Plant Studies / Études végétales

“Par les plantes, la vie se définit d’abord comme circulation des vivants et, à cause de cela, se constitue dans la dissémination des formes, dans la différence des espèces, des royaumes, des modes de vie.” (Emanuele Coccia, La vie des plantes 22)

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This special issue of L’Esprit Créateur seeks to ...



Emerald Publishing (2018 IPG Academic & Professional Publisher of the Year) is pleased to announce investment in a new Humanities book programme. Our commitment to interdisciplinary research means that we are moving into the Humanities for the first time, building new lists primarily in three exciting and increasingly important areas:

· Environmental Humanities – including environmental literature, ecocriticism, environmental history, environmental philosophy and environmental anthropology · Health and Medical Humanities – the list will take a broad approach ...

Making (Eco)Logical: Locating the Arts in the Environmental Humanities in Canada

Making (Eco)Logical: Locating the Arts in the Environmental Humanities in Canada Editors: Amanda White, Queen???s University & Elysia French, York University

Bringing together diverse perspectives from artists, scholars, activists, curators, theorists, and makers, Making (Eco)Logical will locate artistic practice within the Environmental Humanities and explore the ways in which cultural production informs perceptions, communications, and knowledge of environmental distress in a Canadian context. The book will address what the arts can do; what making can make, and perhaps what it cannot, in the context of current ...

Environmenal Protests and Invisible Mental Structures

“Invisible mental structures”—shaped by beliefs in deities, spirits, and supernatural agents who act alongside humans—often provide the impetus for environmental protests. Formerly colonized countries or peoples, having all endured the suppression of indigenous language as well as the oral tradition conveyed through it, are often inclined to respond similarly to neocolonial incursions on the land. For example, Peter Read’s Haunted Earth examines Australian aboriginal sacred sites that have inspired protests; Paul Devereau’s Spirit Roads explores sacred roads and pathways around the world; Ramachandra ...

Graduate Student Reporters for “Year in Conferences: ASLE”

Calling graduate student writers for “The Year in Conferences: ASLE”:

ESQ: A Journal of Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture is seeking participants to cover the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment convention in June at UC-Davis for its annual “The Year in Conferences” feature.

The ASLE team will cover panels of interest to ESQ’s readers. This project is an excellent opportunity for scholarly collaboration and professionalization. YiC has been recognized by scholars not just for its utility but also as a mentoring ...

Deep Wild Journal: Writing from the Backcountry

Deep Wild Journal: Writing from the Backcountry, seeks submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction by March 15 for its inaugural issue, to be published this summer. The mission of Deep Wild is to provide a forum for the best writing we can find that conjures the experiences, observations, and insights of backcountry journeys. By “backcountry,” we mean away from paved roads, preferably more than a day’s journey by foot, skis, snowshoes, kayak, horse, or any other non-motorized means of conveyance. Deep Wild will ...

Waters Rising: A Special Issue of Green Letters on Imaginations of Floods

Waters Rising: A Special Issue of Green Letters

With a tradition dating back at least to the epics (e.g. Gilgamesh and Noah’s Ark), stories of floods have long been literary metaphors of great rhetorical power and familiar imagery; water can be a punishment for imagined wrongdoings and a means of washing away old worlds and starting afresh. The language of flooding permeates popular culture as a metaphor for forces out of control. In our current moment of environmental crisis, floods are often invoked to ...

Green Religion and American Literature

ANQ (A&HCI) Call for Papers Green Religion and American Literature Deadline for Submissions: 1 May, 2019

Following the realization that global ecological crises will not be resolved by advances in science and technology, an increasing number of intellectuals, environmental activists, and religious leaders have sought to address the problems (of hopelessness, of government inaction) by looking to the power of religion. Interdisciplinary work combining elements of Religious Studies, Environmental Studies, and the study of culture has been promoted by scholars such as Mary Evelyn Tucker, ...

Call for Submissions: Disaster Media

Call URL here:

Disaster Media: A thematic stream for the new journal Media+Environment; seeking to explore media, space, and the geopolitical quandaries of visualizing and mobilizing disaster relief; edited by Janet Walker and Lisa Parks. This “Disaster Media” stream is slated for publication in the first volume of Media+Environment. During the past twenty years, scientific and media organizations have photographed, sensed, mapped, and monitored a multitude of natural disasters in efforts to offer relief to those impacted by them. Often triggered by abrupt geological, meteorological, ...

Unchaining Sustainability: Working and Teaching for Regeneration and Resilience

Unchaining Sustainability: Working and Teaching for Regeneration and Resilience

In recent decades, U.S. institutions of higher education have in general moved toward supporting energy sustainability through course work and recycling programs, and many–from state universities and R1 institutions all the way across to private four-year colleges and associate degree schools– do a thoughtful job of introducing students to general concepts of broader but still diversity-light global sustainability. Although such courses and curricula, and the institutions that offer them, often link the effects of our ...

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