International Journal of Tamil Language and Literary Studies

Deadline: 30.11.2021
Contact: Maheswari, Editor, Editor-in Chief
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 08526769556

Welcome To IJTLLS:
Tamil language is a classical language. It has its origin from nature itself. Its remarkable influence is boundless in many of the languages in our world. The world’s first grammar book Tolkāppiyam was written in Tamil language. The antiques of the language and usage are elaborated in it. In Tamil literature, Sangam literature keeps its lofty place describing the virtues in the tradition followed by Tamil people. The language and literature have glorious past and its present state is in the need of purification and refreshment. Nevertheless, the perspective of the International Journal of Tamil Language and Literary Studies (ijtlls) is to create a platform for academicians and patrons to share their intellect to enrich Tamil language and Literature.

The bi-Yearly and bilingual Journal (Tamil Language & English Language) gives keen scope to understand and evaluate the classical antiquity of Tamil Language and Literature and modern trends in it. The Journal ijtlls mainly focuses on the thrust areas such as History of Tamil Language and Culture, Folk Arts, Temple Studies, Siddha Medicine, Tamil Linguistics, Tamil Criticism, Tamil Literature, Creative writing in Tamil Language, Tamil Literature and Psychology, Women in Tamil Literature, Eco-criticism, Comparative Literature, World Literatures in Tamil Translation.


Posted on November 22, 2021