Calls for Contributions

Deep Wild Journal Undergraduate Student Essay Contest

The editors of Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry invite students currently enrolled in undergraduate programs to submit essays for our 2020 Undergraduate Student Essay Writing Contest. We seek work that conjures the experiences, observations, and insights of journeys to places where there are no roads. The length limit is 3,000 words. There is no entry fee. Up to three essays will be chosen for publication in the June 2020 volume of Deep Wild Journal, and the authors will receive cash awards of ...

ECOPOETICS special journal issue and anthology

CFP: Poetics of the More-than-Human World: a call for poems, hybrid work, and brief manifestos on ecopoetics, for a special issue of Dispatches to be released in Spring 2020. We are also interested in reviews of relevant work, critical appraisals, and audio-video work, but query first to [email protected] This issue will lead to a print anthology.

The term “Ecopoetics” loosely describes creative writing that reflects the complex interrelationships within the ever-shifting, endangered ecosphere. In this anthropocene epoch, many acknowledge that “nature” and “culture” are ...

Children’s Literature and Climate Change

Children’s Literature and Climate Change: Special Issue of The Lion and the Unicorn

Guest Editors: Marek Oziewicz, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Lara Saguisag, College of Staten Island-City University of New York

We seek essays on how children’s literature empowers young people to productively engage with the challenges of climate change. After decades of climate change denial and toothless mainstream response, young people are angry. In response to climate change illiteracy and the impotence and negligence of adult-led institutions, teenage activists such as Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Greta Thunberg ...

Nonhuman Animals, Climate Crisis and the Role of Literature

CFP (Edited Collection): Nonhuman Animals, Climate Crisis and the Role of Literature

The world is in crisis: socially, politically, environmentally. We are increasingly confronted with notions of otherness as the world is shrinking – we interact with diverse cultures, ideas, agendas as we never have before. Yet, at the same time, we are increasingly polarized in our thinking, with the rise of a global right-wing agenda challenging a progressive wave of policies the world over. Yet, these crises seem to pale in consideration of ...

Teaching the Literature of Climate Change

Please consider submitting to this CFP for an MLA volume on Teaching the Literature of Climate Change.

Now that we are two decades into the twenty-first century, courses that thematize the literature of climate change have become more and more popular and more of an ethical imperative to teach. Students today need to understand the global environmental devastation they will inherit, and the literary imagination uniquely addresses such consequences as warming temperatures, desertification, sea-level rise, climate refugees, the spread of disease, and the collapse ...

Nineteenth-Century Contexts: Special Issue on Ecologies of the Atlantic Archipelago

Nineteenth-Century Contexts: Special Issue on Ecologies of the Atlantic Archipelago

May 2021 Issue

Guest Editors: Seán Hewitt & Anna Pilz

Studies of the intertwined histories of Great Britain, Ireland, and their associated islands have given rise to the notion of ‘archipelagic studies’. As in John Kerrigan’s seminal work Archipelagic English, the cover of which shows the familiar image of Great Britain and Ireland on a map tilted, reaching out from mainland Europe and into the Atlantic, this involves a new perspective on geography, identity, and the ...

The Bear Deluxe Magazine

Orlo is an organization dedicated to exploring place-based and environmental issues. Orlo is also far-reaching community of people—writers, artists, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, readers, observers, experimenters—who are curious, critical and engaged with the people and places around them. Through The Bear Deluxe Magazine, readings, art shows, lectures and other events, Orlo supports a dynamic and diverse dialogue about how we relate to our environment. Orlo and The Bear Deluxe Magazine operate with a dedicated crew of volunteers and supporters.

Submission guidelines:

Editorial As with any publication, ...

CFP: “Composing Climate Change”


Departures in Critical Qualitative Research

SPECIAL ISSUE CALL FOR PAPERS: Composing Climate Change: Atmosphere, Affect, Attention GUEST EDITOR: Joshua Trey Barnett ([email protected])

How to write of that which escapes linguistic capture? How to form into words and images precisely what slips the shackles of representational thought? How to describe what cannot, strictly speaking, be perceived? How to change climates in and through the activity of composition? How to compose climate change?

In some significant sense, such questions have become perennial. Of climate change, writers ...

On the edge of the Anthropocene: crossing borders in southern African environmental history

CALL FOR PAPERS FOR A SPECIAL ISSUE: On the edge of the Anthropocene: crossing borders in southern African environmental history.

Environmental histories have long shaped the world of humans and other animals, and our shared and shifting environments. Our history is written on the landscapes – in ecosystems, climates and microclimates – and the past is borne by the creatures that inhabit them. They reflect overlapping histories of human mobility and settlement, accommodation and invasion, globalization and parochialism, colonialism and postcolonialism. Southern scholars still ...