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Nineteenth-Century Contexts: Special Issue on Ecologies of the Atlantic Archipelago

Nineteenth-Century Contexts: Special Issue on Ecologies of the Atlantic Archipelago

May 2021 Issue

Guest Editors: Seán Hewitt & Anna Pilz

Studies of the intertwined histories of Great Britain, Ireland, and their associated islands have given rise to the notion of ‘archipelagic studies’. As in John Kerrigan’s seminal work Archipelagic English, the cover of which shows the familiar image of Great Britain and Ireland on a map tilted, reaching out from mainland Europe and into the Atlantic, this involves a new perspective on geography, identity, and the ...

Disability and the Environment in the Global Colonial Era

This edited collection examines the intersections of disability and the environment in the times of colonial expansion. It traces the emergence of eco-ableist discourses through a careful examination of such issues as gender, race, imperialism, industrialization, the environment, climate, and other subjects, and probes the ways through which various cultural artifacts from that era effectively construct the meanings of disability and the environment. Disability and the Environment in the Global Colonial Era shows that in the colonial era the perceptions of disability were ...

The Bear Deluxe Magazine

Orlo is an organization dedicated to exploring place-based and environmental issues. Orlo is also far-reaching community of people—writers, artists, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, readers, observers, experimenters—who are curious, critical and engaged with the people and places around them. Through The Bear Deluxe Magazine, readings, art shows, lectures and other events, Orlo supports a dynamic and diverse dialogue about how we relate to our environment. Orlo and The Bear Deluxe Magazine operate with a dedicated crew of volunteers and supporters.

Submission guidelines:

Editorial As with any publication, ...

Eco-Pedagogy and Digital Nature Connections

Eco-Pedagogy and Digital Nature Connections Call for Submissions of 5000 – 7000 word articles Full paper submission due Nov. 30, 2019 Aiming for publication mid 2020

This special issue of the Digital Culture and Education open access, online journal explores contemporary issues in digital ecopedagogy, particularly in relation to the education of children.

If you have any questions please contact Bronwin Patrickson at

The worldwide youth climate strike on March 15 reflects young people’s growing frustrations with the lack of political response to the escalating ecological crisis. It ...

CFP: “Composing Climate Change”


Departures in Critical Qualitative Research

SPECIAL ISSUE CALL FOR PAPERS: Composing Climate Change: Atmosphere, Affect, Attention GUEST EDITOR: Joshua Trey Barnett (

How to write of that which escapes linguistic capture? How to form into words and images precisely what slips the shackles of representational thought? How to describe what cannot, strictly speaking, be perceived? How to change climates in and through the activity of composition? How to compose climate change?

In some significant sense, such questions have become perennial. Of climate change, writers ...

On the edge of the Anthropocene: crossing borders in southern African environmental history

CALL FOR PAPERS FOR A SPECIAL ISSUE: On the edge of the Anthropocene: crossing borders in southern African environmental history.

Environmental histories have long shaped the world of humans and other animals, and our shared and shifting environments. Our history is written on the landscapes – in ecosystems, climates and microclimates – and the past is borne by the creatures that inhabit them. They reflect overlapping histories of human mobility and settlement, accommodation and invasion, globalization and parochialism, colonialism and postcolonialism. Southern scholars still ...

The Global South and/in the Plantationocene

Special issue of The Global South: “The Global South and/in the Plantationocene” Deadline for abstracts: July 1, 2020

According to the United Nations’ environmental risk index, a by-country report on the effects of global climate change, the inhabitants, locales, and economies of global south nations will be disproportionally affected as global warming intensifies. Many of these nations are projected to be hit by a triple whammy: rising populations, combined with already-vulnerable economies and spikes in severe weather events will result in massive disruptions to livelihoods ...

Edited Volume: Environment and Narrative in Vietnam

Call for Contributions for an Edited Volume:

Environment and Narrative in Vietnam

Editors: Ursula K Heise (University of California, Los Angles, United States)

Chi P. Pham (Vietnam Institute of Literature, Vietnam)

Environmentally oriented approaches to narrative have recently gained in importance among Vietnam scholars, journalists, writers and artists. An increasing number of international conferences, workshops and local conferences have engaged with Vietnamese ecocritical topics. More broadly, air pollution, forest conservation, biodiversity protection, water management, organic food, and climate change have featured as central themes in writings and ...

Peter Lang New Series on Latin American Environmental Humanities

Latin American Environmental Humanities is a peer-reviewed book series that will focus on rigorous works by the most innovative scholars working on Latin America. It will publish scholarly contributions to the growing field of environmental humanities with the aim of establishing critical conversations about nature and culture within the framework of the latest environmental debates and their historical antecedents and contexts. The series will include a wide range of disciplines, such as literary studies, history, film, visual arts, and philosophy, that probe key issues in the global discussions of ...

Writing the West: Books & Authors special issue 2019

Each fall, High Country News produces its Books & Authors issue, showcasing some of the best and most exciting writing about the modern American West. We intend to surprise and delight our readers with interesting titles and writers, and with excellent longform essays and narratives. This year, we’re especially interested in highlighting diverse perspectives.

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