Trans Materiality and Queer Politics in Troubling Times

Deadline: April 25th
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Zeitschrift für transdisziplinäre und intermediale Kulturforschung / Journal for Transdisciplinary and Intermedial Culture Studies
ISSN 2749-4128 (print), 2749-4136 (online)

Issue 3

Call for Papers

Thematic focus of the issue:
Trans Materiality and Queer Politics in Troubling Times

The third issue of TRANSPOSITIONES will be devoted to trans concepts of materiality and queer politics emerging from the view of the world entangled in the hybrid relationships of matter, gender, human and nonhuman, technology and epistemology derived from Barad’s agential realist interpretation of quantum physics. The central text in this issue will be the German translation by Esther Kinsky of the article “TransMaterialities: Trans*/Matter/Realities and Queer Political Imaginings” by Karen Barad, originally published in 2015 in GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. The basic intention of this issue is, therefore, to form a platform for a critical discussion of Karen Barad’s method of discursive transposition of approaches, assuming a subversive coexistence of post-secular conversions of the idea of genesis and physically proven sources of planetary life on Earth. The exploration of the intra-active entanglement of matter and social and political relations, which is the main stream of thought in Barad’s work, leads to the fundamental question about the necessity of diversifying the principles of identity, coherence, completeness and ontological-epistemological differentiation fixed in public discourse. Any treatment of the agential realist phenomena of the Trans/Matter/Reality is essentially queer, where the very notion of essential-ism as fixed essence is undone because there are no constant values independent of their intra-action measurement. The discussion on these topics seems all the more necessary at a time when the ongoing war in Ukraine is sometimes extended, for example by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, to a fight against the presence of the LGBT+ community in public space.

We invite texts that engage with aspects of Karen Barad’s work from different disciplinary perspectives. We are particularly interested in articles that use the perspective of trans/materiality to engage with burning current issues, such as Russia’s war in Ukraine, as well as in papers that use Barad’s conceptual framework to argue for unity and solidarity in times of war refer-ring to what Karen Barad wrote in their other 2018 article “Troubling Time/s and Ecologies of Nothingness: Re-turning, Re-membering, and Facing the Incalculable”, which is gaining a disturbing relevance in the current situation:

In these troubling times, the urgency to trouble time, to shake it to its core, and to produce collective imaginaries that undo pervasive conceptions of temporality that take progress as inevitable and the past as something that has passed and is no longer with us is something so tangible, so visceral, that it can be felt in our individual and collective bodies. This urgency is both new and not new. With fascism on the rise around the globe and the threat of an accelerated nuclear arms […] left exposed and undone by madness, compulsiveness, and hubris, the twentieth century is anything but past/passed.

We are also open to texts that do not take up themes related to the most recent events on the international scene but that use Barad’s discursive method to present novel/queer/posthumanist readings of the material reality we live in and its various artistic/literary/visual representations.

Due to the fact that one of the intentions of the forthcoming issue is stronger incorporation of Karen Barad’s concepts into the scientific discourse in continental Europe and outside the English-speaking world, which is to be served, among others, by the publication of a German translation of their article, we will particularly appreciate contributions in German. We would be grateful if you informed us about your willingness to participate in our publication and, if you are willing to contribute, we request a short abstract (max. 300 words) by April 25, 2022 to: [email protected]
You will receive information about the acceptance or rejection of the proposal by April 30.
Deadline for submitting the completed manuscripts: October 15, 2022.
The publication of the issue is planned for the beginning of April 2023.
Publication languages: German and English.

TRANSPOSITIONES is a new interdisciplinary biannual peer-reviewed journal correlated with the topics of the project “Non-Anthropocentric Cultural Subjectivity” realized as part of the Research Excellence Initiative at the University of Warsaw primarily oriented towards interdisciplinary publications addressing issues of posthumanist theories of the late Anthropocene. It is published by the German publishing house Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht (imprint of BRILL Deutschland GmbH).

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Posted on April 3, 2022