Energy, Ecopoetics, and Poetries Beyond the Human

Deadline: 20th January
Contact: Josephine Taylor, Royal Holloway, University of London

Energy, Ecopoetics, and Poetries Beyond the Human

A conference stream at “Corroding the Now: Poetry + Science|SF”

“A poem is stored energy; a formal turbulence, a living thing, a swirl in flow”

William Rueckert “Literature and Ecology”

This stream invites contributions from those working within and across the intersections of the environmental and energy humanities, eco-poetry, and animal studies. It aims to forge a conversation between these disciplines and fields and to address how poetry and/or poetics serves as a way of exploring new conceptions of nature, humanity, and the world, as well as a mode of responding to the impasse of our petroleum-contoured society.

While addressing the broader conference theme of science/SF & poetry, this stream sets out to address and explore how the confluence flow[s] of science, poetry, and speculative poetics conceive of possible transitions to alternative relationships with environment, energy sources/materials, and the non-human. Such approaches, investigations, and intersections can encapsulate an array of ecologically-inflected positions, identities and poetries, extending well beyond the confines of the narrowly ‘human’ into a plurality of insect, plant, fungal, rocky, solar, oceanic, and other poetics.

In addition to conventional conference papers, we strongly encourage proposals of non-traditional presentations and panel formats, including joint/collaborative presentations, readings and performances, filmed or recorded material, discussions, workshops, and more.

The deadline for proposals is 20th January, 2018. All proposals should be emailed to For more information, please visit or contact

Posted on January 2, 2019