HUMANIFESTO: dissecting the human experience

Deadline: March 31st 2019
Contact: Amy Budrikis, University of Western Australia

The 14th annual Limina interdisciplinary conference, held at the University of Western Australia in Perth July 18-19th 2019, will explore the visceral, corporeal, and ephemeral dimensions of being human.

We live in a climate of debates about bodily autonomy, population growth, artificial intelligence, and genetic modification. Our bodies are marked by sex, race, age, and health, all of which are contentiously invested with social and political significance. At the same time, discoveries about our past and emerging technologies challenge fixed ideas of what it means to be human. In this way, the lines between our bodies and our humanity are being drawn and re-drawn. Extending beyond the physical, then, how do we understand and express what it means to be human?

Please send your maximum 200 word abstract + 50 word biography in a single document to with ‘Humanifesto 2019’ in the subject line

For further details and topic ideas:

We also offer the opportunity for publication in our peer-reviewed journal after the conference.

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Posted on February 26, 2019