Calls for Papers


The Ecocriticism and the Environment area welcomes abstracts on film, literature, advertising, video games, social media, architecture, music, religion, and really any other method of human expression. Potential topics include:

-how can ecocriticism speak to digital realities/emergent realities in video games and other immersive experiences? -to what degree does our built environment inform our conception of physical nature? -how do stories that we tell about our natural environments explain something about our understanding of the natural world? -how can the stories we tell help create a more productive ...

NeMLA Panel 2017, Urban Pastoralism

As cities across the US, including Baltimore, are utilizing “green” design techniques (urban parks, gardens, and waterfront consumer or recreational spaces) in order to revitalize their economy, urban pastoralism has become a major trend in the post-industrial age. But as critic James Machor has argued, American politicians, urban designers, and writers have appealed to urban pastoral landscapes since the country’s origins. In urban pastoralism, according to Machor, the “city and country are equally valuable components in an evolving landscape best served when those ...

ACLA: Theorizing Reading and Activism in Environmental Literature

American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) Annual Meeting Universiteit Utrecht, July 6-9, 2017

This seminar will explore how theories of reading and reception–important to recent work in critical race studies, cognitive narratology, and new formalism–can inform ecocriticism. Building on the large body of scholarship attending to problems of reading, reception, race, and ethnicity, the seminar in particular invites papers on literatures of environmental justice or postcolonial environmentalism.

While ecocriticism often addresses the activist agendas of environmental literature and speculates on its potential extratextual impacts, the field has ...