Calls for Papers

Special Session: Literary Urban Studies and Climate Futures (MLA 2022)

Special Session proposal for MLA 2022 Convention

This panel gathers papers that consider how literary urban studies might contribute to interdisciplinary scholarship on questions of equity, justice, and the material transformation of cities in the context of climate change, as they are expressed in the literature of any region worldwide or historical period. All cities are in the process of being unevenly and variously transformed by climate change. The World Bank estimates that Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia alone will generate 143 ...

“Ecocriticisms of the Américas” Interest Group Calls for Sponsored Panels for ASLE 2021

The “Ecocriticisms of Américas” interest group was founded in 2019 to gather and support ASLE members working on the Caribbean and Latin America. “Ecocriticisms of the Américas” will sponsor up to two panels at the 2021 virtual ASLE symposium, to be held asynchronously from July 26- August 6. See Panels sponsored by the interest group must still apply for acceptance through the traditional ASLE channels, but sponsorship enhances the visibility of the panel at this large conference. To be considered for sponsorship ...

ASLE 2021 Panel “Object Lessons: Teaching Ecocriticism via Visual Culture”

ASLE Virtual Conference 2021 Panel

Sponsored by the Ecocritical Visual Culture ASLE Interest Group

A lightning-round session in which 6-8 panelists will share ONE image/object and in a short (5-10 minute) presentation, explain how exploring this image/object in the classroom can introduce students to ecocriticism and facilitate its use as an analytical tool. The presentations will be followed by a round-robin discussion and Q & A, in which panelists will talk about their experiences using images as ‘object lessons,’ and/or other innovative ways that visual ...

ASLE 2021 Panel: Speculative Extinctions: Imagining Environmental Existential Risks

Deadline extended to March 26, 2021

In the spring of 1796, the French comparative anatomist Georges Cuvier delivered a lecture in Paris that would shake the foundations of Western science, and ultimately, Western culture: he proved, through anatomical comparison with elephants, that two species—the mammoth and mastodon—had disappeared from the surface of the Earth. Although Cuvier was not the first naturalist to propose that species extinction was theoretically possible, he was the first to definitively prove that extinction had already happened, and his discovery ...

ASLE 2021: Storytelling for Interspecies Empathy – A Panel on Deliberative Pedagogies

Deadline extended to March 26, 2021

Narrative, like science, empathy, and anger, can be conceived of as a powerful but amoral tool that may be used for a wide range of means and ends. Many educators, with varying degrees of success, use stories to teach or nurture compassion for nonhuman animals. Stories for children, videos for adolescents, books and movies for adults, whatever the media the focus for this panel is on compelling storytelling, framed by educators who are deliberately employing the narrative(s) to ...

ASLE 2021 Panel: A Religious EmergencE/Y

Deadline extended to March 24, 2021

How are religious traditions, religious communities, religious practices or theologies implicated in the current crises of pandemic, climate change, and social unrest? How might new religious narratives offer ways forward for rectifying inequities and addressing the consequences of religions’ roles in precipitating global crises? If your work addresses these or other issues involving religion, you may want to join this panel. Send me your proposal by March 18, 2021 for consideration.

2021 ASLE Virtual Conference,  July 26-August 6, 2021

Conference ...

“Experimental Writing in the Anthropocene”: ASLE-sponsored panel at MLA 2022

“Experimental Writing in the Anthropocene”: ASLE-sponsored panel at MLA 2022 (Washington DC) Organized by Dr. Eric Schmaltz (Co-Chair) and Dr. Orchid Tierney (Co-Chair, ASLE member)

In The Poethical Wager (2003), Joan Retallack investigates poetry’s relationship to direct social action to interrogate its affordances as a mode of intervention into the conditions of catastrophe, crisis, and precarity. Following Retallack, we wonder what responsibilities does experimental poetry––poetry that swerves away from conventional forms of linguistic and formal meaning-making––has during times of complex social, political, and ecological turbulence? ...

“Apocalyptic Realisms: An Environmental Humanities Roundtable” (MLA 2022)

“Apocalyptic Realisms: An Environmental Humanities Roundtable” (MLA 2022) Organized by Rebecca Oh

A non-guaranteed roundtable with the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment

The sixth extinction, ecological collapse, resource exhaustion, forced migration, megaslums, intensifying inequality, and every IPCC report suggest that apocalyptic futures have become the global present, that the end times are our times. But the new sense that the end of the world has arrived is old news for many, including residents of the global South, indigenous communities under settler colonialism, and ...

Hemingway Society Founders Fellowship

Each year the Hemingway Society accepts applications for its Lewis-Reynolds-Smith Founders Fellowship grant, and typically makes up to two awards of up to $1,000 each to support the development of a Hemingway-related project. Projects on Hemingway and the environment, animals, hunting, travel, modernization and other topics of particular interest to ASLE members are welcome. For more information or to apply please visit

Religion and Environment: Relations and Relationality conference (Feb. 19-28, 2021)

The International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture is a community of scholars interested in religion, nature, and culture. We are dedicated to helping scholars think across disciplines and foster critical inquiry and engaged scholarship. Registration is now open for the upcoming Religion and Environment: Relations and Relationality online conference at Arizona State University from Feb. 19-28, 2021.

This is a year of pandemic, a year of disruption, a year in which struggles for racial and economic justice can no longer ...