Calls for Papers

ASLE Proposals for 2020 MLA Convention

We’re putting together three ASLE panels for the 2020 MLA conference in Seattle and seeking speakers. Please contact the panel organizers directly with questions.

Revising Resilience: Literary Listening and Indigenous Perspectives

As the likelihood of transforming global energy systems and mitigating global warming diminishes, dialogues of “resilience” within the environmental humanities have become increasingly prominent. Resilience narratives shift the focus from what can be done to prevent global climate change toward environmental and cultural practices that will prove necessary and beneficial in ...

Next Earth: Teaching Climate Change Across the Disciplines

Next Earth: Teaching Climate Change Across the Disciplines A Nearly-Carbon Neutral Conference at UC Santa Barbara June 10-30, 2019 Call for Papers

Recognizing the severity of the climate crisis, and driven by profound and renewed belief in the power of education to help reimagine and build a better, more sustainable, and environmentally just world, or “next Earth,” Transformative Education for Climate Action will be the theme of the summer 2019 nearly-carbon neutral conference for UC Santa Barbara’s Environmental Humanities Initiative (EHI). We invite your participation! Abstracts of 250 ...



“I’m interested in the particularity of each Tree – it’s ‘thisness’ (haecceitas)”, claims Canadian land-artist, photographer, and poet Marlene Creates, thus hinting both at the specificity of each singular tree and at the uniqueness of certain species at different latitudes. Literature, among other arts, such as film, photography, the fine arts, is one of those privileged terrains where Trees definitely enter our field of vision, our epistemic knowledge, our sensorial experience. In literary ...

Reworking Georgic

Call for Papers REWORKING GEORGIC University of Leeds Monday 9th – Tuesday 10th September 2019

Confirmed speakers: David Fairer (Leeds), Greg Garrard (British Columbia), Sue Edney (Bristol) Including a reading of poetry and prose with Simon Armitage, Helen Jukes, and Jack Thacker

The influence and spirit of ‘georgic’, as a genre or mode – named for Virgil’s Georgics, the primary classical model – can be seen across western art and culture: from medieval and early modern almanacs to eighteenth-century formal georgic poems, from pre-Raphaelite social paintings to the new nature writing of ...

Energy, Ecopoetics, and Poetries Beyond the Human

Energy, Ecopoetics, and Poetries Beyond the Human

A conference stream at “Corroding the Now: Poetry + Science|SF”

“A poem is stored energy; a formal turbulence, a living thing, a swirl in flow”

William Rueckert “Literature and Ecology”

This stream invites contributions from those working within and across the intersections of the environmental and energy humanities, eco-poetry, and animal studies. It aims to forge a conversation between these disciplines and fields and to address how poetry and/or poetics serves as a way of exploring new conceptions of nature, ...

4th International Conference on Ecolinguistics (ICE-4)

EXTENDED DEADLINES – We’ve extended the deadlines for both paper and panel proposals. See the ‘How to Submit’-section at bottom of CFP for the new dates.

Call for Papers: Conference Website:

The 4th International Conference on Ecolinguistics addresses: Languaging and Eco-civilization: Towards Consilience with the Life Sciences. The conference aims to bring about consilience (a bringing forth of new knowledge) that can unite those who acknowledge human responsibility for the well-being of the living world. Accordingly, we aim to connect ecolinguists with work in ...

Ecology and Religion 19th Century Studies

This flightless, multi-site conference (Sept. 18-21, 2019) invites interdisciplinary attention to confluences between environmental and religious perspectives and practices in the long Anglophone nineteenth century (1780-1900). Since that century, anthropogenic climate change has rapidly accelerated, and in response to this legacy we will avoid air travel by digitally connecting events at several conference sites in the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, this method of networking, by lowering barriers of cost and transportation, promises to enable a more diverse and inclusive ...

Precarity and Precariousness

We are pleased to announce that Professor Thomas Docherty will be giving a keynote presentation during at the Precarity and Precariousness conference, to be held at the University of Warwick on the 4th April 2019. Professor Docherty has written on an eclectic mix of topics concerning English and comparative literature, but his recent research makes him an expert on issues of academic precarity and cultural policy related to higher education.

Call for Papers “Lives are by definition precarious: they can be expunged at will or ...

Forming the Future: an interdisciplinary conference

Call for Papers: FORMING THE FUTURE. A one and a half day interdisciplinary conference at the University of Plymouth, UK; Sept. 2nd (p.m.) and 3rd, 2019

Confirmed speakers: • Amy J. Elias (Tennessee, Knoxville; English Literature) • Daniel Innerarity (Ikerbasque; Political Philosophy) • Sandra Kemp (Lancaster/Imperial; Director of the Ruskin Library/Museum) • Iain Stewart (Plymouth; Geoscience and Communication)

Thinking about the future often focuses on its ‘content’: what might happen. Similarly, thinking about ‘future studies’ often concentrates on its goals, concepts and methods. But what about the forms in ...

“The Desert and the USA”

International transdisciplinary symposium organized by HCTI (EA 4249) November 21-23, 2019 at the Université Bretagne Sud in Lorient, South Brittany, France.


The Université Bretagne Sud and the Université Bretagne Occidentale joint research group HCTI (“Héritages et Constructions dans le Texte et l’Image,” EA 4249) in collaboration with the Université Bordeaux-Montaigne and its research group CLIMAS (“Cultures et Littératures du Monde Anglophone,” EA 4196) are pleased to host a three-day international and transdisciplinary symposium on “The Desert and the USA” to ...