Calls for Papers

Italian Ecocriticism Panels at MLA

Title: Italian Ecocriticism E-mail Address: [email protected] Description & Requirements: Representations of ecological and environmental issues, including but not limited to interspecies relationships, climate, gender, justice, activism, migrations, landscapes, places, animal studies, and the Anthropocene in Italian literature and film. Abstracts and bios to [email protected] Submission Deadline: Sunday, 31 March 2019

Contact Serenella Iovino ([email protected]) U of North Carolina

Title: Becoming Italians? Migrant Literature, Arts, Media and Film E-mail Address: [email protected] Description & Requirements: This panel seeks to define and map the scope of media in Italian, including literature, film, music, and art, by first- and second-generation migrants, and to ...

HUMANIFESTO: dissecting the human experience

The 14th annual Limina interdisciplinary conference, held at the University of Western Australia in Perth July 18-19th 2019, will explore the visceral, corporeal, and ephemeral dimensions of being human.

We live in a climate of debates about bodily autonomy, population growth, artificial intelligence, and genetic modification. Our bodies are marked by sex, race, age, and health, all of which are contentiously invested with social and political significance. At the same time, discoveries about our past and emerging technologies challenge fixed ideas of what it ...

Thoreau and the Limits of the Human

Please see the following CFP for the guaranteed session, sponsored by the Thoreau Society, at the 2020 MLA Convention:

Thoreau and the Limits of the Human

How does Thoreau de-center or otherwise challenge human exceptionalism? How do his writings represent both the inhuman and the more-than-human?

Maximum 300-word abstracts by 15 March to [email protected]

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Next Earth: Teaching Climate Change Across the Disciplines

Next Earth: Teaching Climate Change Across the Disciplines A Nearly-Carbon Neutral Conference at UC Santa Barbara June 10-30, 2019 Call for Papers

Recognizing the severity of the climate crisis, and driven by profound and renewed belief in the power of education to help reimagine and build a better, more sustainable, and environmentally just world, or “next Earth,” Transformative Education for Climate Action will be the theme of the summer 2019 nearly-carbon neutral conference for UC Santa Barbara’s Environmental Humanities Initiative (EHI). We invite your participation! Abstracts of 250 ...



“I’m interested in the particularity of each Tree – it’s ‘thisness’ (haecceitas)”, claims Canadian land-artist, photographer, and poet Marlene Creates, thus hinting both at the specificity of each singular tree and at the uniqueness of certain species at different latitudes. Literature, among other arts, such as film, photography, the fine arts, is one of those privileged terrains where Trees definitely enter our field of vision, our epistemic knowledge, our sensorial experience. In literary ...

Ecology and Religion 19th Century Studies

This flightless, multi-site conference (Sept. 18-21, 2019) invites interdisciplinary attention to confluences between environmental and religious perspectives and practices in the long Anglophone nineteenth century (1780-1900). Since that century, anthropogenic climate change has rapidly accelerated, and in response to this legacy we will avoid air travel by digitally connecting events at several conference sites in the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, this method of networking, by lowering barriers of cost and transportation, promises to enable a more diverse and inclusive ...