Proposing a Conference or Symposium

ASLE welcomes proposals for both our biennial conferences and off-year affiliated symposia.

We are currently actively seeking to secure a conference site for the 2019 Biennial Conference. Please see the call for proposals and the conference proposal guidelines below to determine if your location would be suitable for hosting an ASLE conference in 2019. The deadline for proposals is April 5, 2016. If you are interested in pursuing your city or institution as a site and have questions not addressed in these documents, please contact ASLE Co-Presidents Christoph Irmscher ( and Anthony Lioi (

2019 Biennial Conference Call for Proposals

Biennial Conference Proposal Guidelines
These guidelines are to assist potential hosts in formulating a complete and compelling proposal for our large biennial conference.

Off-Year ASLE Symposia Guidelines
Details of how to submit a proposal for an ASLE seed grant or ASLE affiliation to assist with your own smaller symposium in non-conference years (even years).

Sustainability at Conferences
ASLE is committed to making our conferences as sustainable as possible. Please consult this document if you are considering proposing a Biennial or Off-Year ASLE Conference.