A Message from the ASLE Presidents

Stacy Alaimo & Jeffrey J. Cohen, ASLE Co-Presidents

A Message from the ASLE Co-Presidents

ASLE is where slow thinking (scholarly and artistic research and writing) meets swift action (we cannot truly be environmental humanists unless we are willing to become environmental activists). We study, write, compose and create because we care about issues like biodiversity, environmental justice, survival in a time of endemic precarity and global catastrophe, and the effects of climate change on humans and nonhumans alike. These concerns have long histories, and we believe that we can look to the past to imagine alternative futures. We do not have easy solutions to the problems that face us, but we do have faith that widened community is our best way forward. 
ASLE has long offered a vital intellectual community: there are few scholarly organizations that possess so strong sense of camaraderie, mentorship, and shared ethical and political orientations. It has been exciting to see the organization grow and the field flourish over the years, becoming more inclusive in its membership and more capacious in its ambit. We want you to find in ASLE a refuge and a welcoming home. In these times of ecological peril, we look forward to increasing our public visibility as well as working with like-minded organizations to effect social change. Please join us as we intensify our strengths and ensure ASLE’s vibrant future.

Our Community

The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) offers access to emerging conversations and debates, innovative classroom work, as well as some of the finest environmental writing you will find anywhere. Our association works with professors, practicing writers and artists, environmental educators and activists, and environmentally concerned citizens by:

  • Supporting teaching and learning in the fields of environmental literature, ecocriticism, environmental studies, literature, and science, and broadly in the humanities and the arts
  • Fostering member collaboration and public dialogue through conferences, networks, publications, and other forums
  • Generating collaborative research in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and sciences
  • Promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility on behalf of the membership
  • Facilitating the public dissemination of member projects and expertise
  • And maintaining and championing ecologically sustainable and socially just practices


There are many ways to explore what we do. Find inspiration in the field-defining statements of our members. Learn more about our intellectual commitments through our member spotlights. Check out our association journal, ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment.  Discover opportunities in our featured course and research spotlights. Seek materials for education and enrichment in our resource pages and archives. Or simply experience the fellowship of people who celebrate the joy, wonder, and gratitude that comes from active engagement with the living world by joining ASLE as a member.

Whether you are a college and university professor, a student in the environmental humanities, a practicing writer or artist, an environmental educator or activist, or an environmentally concerned citizen, we invite you to make ASLE your intellectual home.