ASLE Invites Submissions for New Teaching Resources Database

To assist educators concerned about questions of environment, sustainability, climate, and justice, we have recently created the ASLE Teaching Resources Database.  We are seeking contributions of all types of pedagogical materials, including syllabi, major course assignments, in-class exercises, service learning projects, etc., in PDF format.

The Teaching Resources Database is designed as a hub for sharing teaching materials related to the environmental humanities and learning from the teaching of others. The Database is searchable, open-access, and crowdsourced. It is designed to collect and make available syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, and exercises for a range of disciplines, on a variety of themes, in a number of languages.

Users may search for teaching resources according to learning outcomes, topics, and other filters, or share resources of their own with other educators in the environmental humanities.

To grow this into the rich and varied repository we envision, ASLE needs your help.  Please consider submitting your own teaching materials, and encouraging other innovative educators to do the same.

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