ASLE Seeks Candidates for Elected Offices

ASLE is a nonprofit professional association with a dynamic membership and one dedicated, part-time professional staff member. ASLE thrives because of the commitment of its members to carrying out our work: governing and operating the association; supporting scholars, writers, and activists; awarding grants; and hosting biennial conferences and regional and virtual symposia. ASLE invites you as a member to sustain vital work and to shape our future through elected office.

The next several years involve implementing a new strategic plan, while also responding creatively and flexibly to the ongoing duress imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In February 2020, ASLE identified critical strategic priorities for development including supporting, promoting and increasing member diversity; supporting and fostering public research, writing, and engagement; increasing organizational sustainability, and fostering regional collaborations. Intentional efforts for greater justice and equity, in ASLE organizational work and in the environmental humanities, shall guide all our endeavors. Since early 2020 when this strategic planning process began, these critical areas have only gained in importance and urgency.

This fall, ASLE will hold elections for Vice President, two open Executive Council seats, and Graduate Student Liaison (junior). Members with interests and strengths in areas of work of strategic importance are particularly encouraged to run for office. Online voting will be conducted during the month of November.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another ASLE member for one of these positions, please contact us at [email protected]Candidate statements of approximately 500 words are due by October 27. Please feel free to inquire if you have any questions about the offices, duties or statements.

Vice President

The Vice President is elected for a two year term, and will also serve the Association for an additional year as Immediate Past Vice President, therefore it is a three year total commitment.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Act as President pro tem whenever the President is absent, has resigned, or is otherwise unable to perform the duties of that office
  • Serve as a liaison between outgoing and incoming president
  • Organize and host the off-year EC Retreat, and assist with moving agenda items forward from the conference-year EC retreat
  • Work with the new President and the Managing Director in the non-conference year to further the mission and goals of the Association
  • Chair the Budget Committee (2-year budget cycle)
  • Chair the Nominating Committee for fall elections
  • Serve as member of the Managing Director Annual Review committee chaired by the ASLE Executive Secretary
  • Oversee the ASLE awards process and serve as liaison between Award and Grant committee chairs and Managing Director
  • Work with the new President, the Managing Director, and the organizer(s) in the non-conference year on off-year symposia
  • Work with the new President, and the Managing Director, to facilitate future conference sites and conference hosts
  • Assist the President, on request, with conference planning and preparation in the conference year
  • Organize the Executive Council meeting at the biennial conference

The Immediate Past Vice President will assist the President and Vice President by helping to manage ASLE projects in support of the Association’s mission and to advance the Strategic Plan. The IPVP may be called upon to initiate special projects, and serve on ad-hoc committees.


Executive Council

The Executive Council (EC) is the primary policy-making and governing body of the Association. The EC reviews programming, procedures, and policies of the Association regularly and revises them as needed to meet the Association’s purposes most effectively. The EC will meet at least once every calendar year, at the call of the President. Between meetings, EC members will be consulted via electronic correspondence, videoconference, or telephone as necessary.

Serving on the ASLE Executive Council is an honor both for the professional recognition it represents, and for the opportunity it provides to foster scholarly and creative conversations in our growing and diverse field.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Attend the EC retreat held in the spring of non-conference years
  • Attend the EC meeting during the biennial conference
  • Review the ASLE Strategic Plan and work with officers to prioritize and implement the goals and action items of the Association
  • Participate actively and thoughtfully in ongoing ASLE policy deliberation and decision-making
  • Participate in EC votes
  • Assist with the variety of projects the organization engages in outside of planning for the conference, from financial management, and personal evaluation, to website and social media redesign and evaluation of grant proposals and awards
  • Serve on subcommittees related to the administration and programming of the association
  • Assist the Managing Director and President with planning and executing the biennial conference
  • Encourage and facilitate greater involvement in the organization by other faculty and graduate students
  • Help recruit candidates for officer positions
  • Assist with mentoring graduate students and junior faculty as appropriate

Graduate Student Liaison (junior)

The two Graduate Student Liaisons (GSLs) represent the interests, needs, and concerns of ASLE’s graduate student members. One GSL will be elected for a two-year term per year, serving as non-voting junior GSL in the first year, and voting Senior GSL in the second year of their term. in conference years, the senior GSL will serve in an advisory capacity through the next biennial conference cycle to provide continuity, mentoring, and guidance.

GSLs work with the ASLE Mentoring Coordinator and other ASLE Officers and Program Coordinators to develop and implement policies, initiatives, and programs that support the wellbeing and development of graduate students and graduate studies.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Work with the Mentoring Coordinator, ASLE officers and coordinators, and ASLE members to organize panels, workshops, and other professionalization/ mentoring/social events for graduate students and junior academics at the ASLE Biennial Conference
  • Develop material pertinent to graduate students and graduate study for the ASLE website
  • Work on initiatives for undergraduate students as appropriate
  • Manage the ASLE Graduate Student Facebook page and other social media
  • Provide virtual and physical forums for discussion between GSLs and ASLE graduate student members, including the Graduate Student Interest Group Meeting at the ASLE Biennial Conference
  • Direct the Graduate Student Working Group
  • Stay up-to-date on professionalization, graduate studies, and graduate student trends, challenges, and opportunities beyond ASLE to better serve the ASLE community
  • Answer inquiries from ASLE student members or other interested parties