Statement on EFSLE/FSLE in India and Disaffiliation

For over twenty-five years ASLE has supported the intellectual work of its members around the world. The formation of ASLE-Japan in 1994 signaled an international orientation that continues in our many active affiliates in countries around the world today. These sister organizations represent a wide range of institutions, fields and interests and connect with ASLE and one another to organize lectures, readings and conference panels and to collaborate on projects and initiatives.

ASLE values all these relationships and the dedication of those who nurture these collaborations.  The integrity of this process involves periodic review by ASLE officers, and in May of 2019 they voted to disaffiliate from the EFSLE/FSLE organization in India, as the group was unable to uphold the mission of ASLE or the standards of our community.

In addition to these membership organizations we also have affiliations with many other scholarly communities listed here.