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Working on Earth: Class and Environmental Justice

Working on Earth: Class and Environmental Justice 

Edited by Christina Robertson and Jennifer Westerman. University of Nevada Press: Reno, 2015

Working on Earth is a collection of essays examines the relationship between environmental injustice and the exploitation of working-class people. Twelve scholars from the fields of environmental humanities and the humanistic social sciences explore the connections between the current and unprecedented rise of environmental degradation, economic inequality, and wide-spread social injustice in the United States and Canada. The authors challenge prevailing cultural narratives that ...

The Anthropocene Lyric

The Anthropocene Lyric: An Affective Geography of Poetry, Person, Place

By Tom Bristow.  Palgrave Pivot: Basingstoke, UK, 2015

The Anthropocene Lyric is an interdisciplinary extension to studies of space and place. Responding to the cultural and environmental crises the term ‘Anthropocene’ shoulders, the book’s purpose is to pose a single question: how to rethink our place on this planet through poetry. Tom Bristow takes the work of three contemporary poets—John Burnside, John Kinsella and Alice Oswald—to reveal how an environmental poetics of place is of significant ...

Ecomedia: Key Issues

Ecomedia: Key Issues

Edited by Steve Rust, Salma Monani and Sean Cubitt. Routledge: London, 2015

Ecomedia: Key Issues is a comprehensive textbook introducing the burgeoning field of ecomedia studies to ecomedia coverprovide an overview of the interface between environmental issues and the media globally. Linking the world of media production, distribution, and consumption to environmental understandings, the book addresses ecological meanings encoded in media texts, the environmental impacts of media production, and the relationships between media and cultural perceptions of the environment.

Each chapter introduces a ...

Energy in Literature

Energy in Literature: Essays on Energy and Its Social and Environmental Implications in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literary Texts Edited by Paula Anca Farca, Colorado School of Mines. TrueHeart Press: Oxford, UK, 2015. How are sources of energy presented in modern and contemporary literary texts? Energy in Literature shows the connections in twentieth and twenty-first century literary texts between energy, society, and environment. The edited volume includes a substantial introduction, poems on energy, eighteen critical essays from international contributors, and a photo essay. The book explores ...