FSLE-India: The Different Shades of an Indian Bride


FSLE-India and Atman Ram Sanatan Dharma College, University of Delhi held a book release to celebrate the publication of Sherry Duggall’s latest anthology, The Different Shades of an Indian Bride.

The event was a fascinating journey to envisage the different shades of an Indian woman. The anthology itself is a fantabulous effort of an Indo-Canadian poet Sherry Duggal to trace out the aesthetical sense imbibed to the sixteen Shringars of an Indian bride and its spiritual, psychological, mythological as well as philosophical connotations.

FLSE-India chose this work because of its bonhomie with gender issues, one of the prime concerns of the Literature, Environment, Gender, and Human Rights (LEGH) movement, and because it intrinsically adopts the idea of spiritual ecology.