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IPCC climate change report

Click to listen to Stephanie LeMenager, professor of English at the University of Oregon, who was interviewed on the CBC radio program The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti about the role of the arts and humanities in climate change response. Podcast and summary summary reposted below.

Find out how “The Day After Tomorrow” and other apocalyptic fiction can help with the hard reality of climate change in Checking-In today. And when we aired some of Dennis Saddleman’s gripping poem “Monster” the reaction was overwhelming, ...

College Classes Use Arts to Brace for Climate Change

Click to read Richard Pérez-Peña’s article in the New York Times, “College Classes Use Arts to Brace for Climate Change” featuring professor Stephanie LeManager’s “The Cultures of Climate Change” class at the University of Oregon. Original article reprinted below.

EUGENE, Ore. — University courses on global warming have become common, and Prof. Stephanie LeMenager’s new class here at the University of Oregon has all the expected, alarming elements: rising oceans, displaced populations, political conflict, endangered animals.

The goal of this class, however, is not to ...