Literature of Climate Crisis

Professor: Charles Whitney
Institution: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Course Number: ENG 425A.3/625A.3

We live in astounding times and pretend we don’t. The climate crisis threatens to destroy our
fossil-fueled world. It disproportionately affects those who bear the least responsibility for its
furor. But that crisis still affords earthlings a shrinking amount of time to fashion more just and
lasting worlds framed ecologically. This course concerns diverse, imaginative speaking and
writing that in different ways could help establish such worlds.

Required course readings, except for the four novels, are posted to Canvas, which also contains
a range of supplementary resources.

Assignments: three class presentations on assigned readings, take-home midterm and final
exams, one nine-plus-page paper on class readings (twelve-plus for graduate students) making
significant use of one or more outside sources, and active class participation.

Climate Crisis Literature Syllabus (PDF)