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Oh, Snap: The Anti-Creep Climate Initiative’s Webzine Fighting Ecofascism

It’s a full house this month! Lindsay and Brandon are joined by the six-member superhero team that makes up the Anti-Creep Climate Initiative to discuss their webzine, “Against the Ecofascist Creep” The Initiative is made up of the following:

April Anson, Assistant Professor of Public Humanities at San Diego State University, core faculty for the Institute for Ethics and Public Policy, and affiliate faculty in American Indian Studies. Cassie Galentine, doctoral candidate in English at the University of Oregon. Shane Hall, Assistant Professor of Environmental ...

Empires in Ruin: A Conversation with Rina Garcia Chua and Jeffrey Santa Ana

This month Lindsay and Brandon are joined by Rina Garcia Chua and Jeffrey Santa Ana to discuss their recent edited collection Empire and Environment: Ecological Ruin in the Transpacific. Rina is an incoming Jack and Doris Shadbolt Fellow in the Humanities at Simon Fraser University and she completed her PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Jeffrey is an Associate Professor of English and affiliated faculty in Asian and Asian American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Stony ...

Two Years Strong and Growing

Another episode and another year older! That’s right, this episode marks TWO years of ASLE EcoCast! Thank you so much to everyone who’s joined us on this ride and to our incredible guests for sharing their awesome work with us.

This month is a special episode just to celebrate: we have excerpts from a wonderful short story by Cynthia Zhang, “what the water gave.” After Cynthia introduces us to the story and her work, Lindsay does an excellent reading of the story (with a little character ...


Jemma Deer

This month’s episode is something a little different and something a little bittersweet. Brandon says, “See you soon,” to Jemma, and welcomes Lindsay S.R. Jolivette to the podcast. Lindsay will be taking over for Jemma on EcoCast, and while we’re very sad to see Jemma go (she’ll still be around when she can!), we’re also very happy to have Lindsay on board. We spend some time talking about Lindsay’s background (she also introduces us to her new segment on folklore), ...

The Aesthetics of Asceticism: Thoreau, Religion, and Social Justice with Alda Bathrop-Lewis

After a brief hiatus, EcoCast is happy to be back with a new episode! Our guest is Alda Bathrop-Lewis, research fellow at Australian Catholic University’s Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry, and author of the 2021 book Thoreau’s Religion: Walden Woods, Social Justice, and the Politics of Asceticism. We discuss what links aesthetics to asceticism, and challenge the popular image of Thoreau as a solo hero in the woods, instead recognizing his deep sense of community and inheritance. Due to the tricky nature ...

ASLE Spotlight Series 2021: Identity and Place

This special episode features the audio recording from the fourth episode of ASLE’s Spotlight Series “Identity and Place,” held on June 10, 2021.

Co-hosts: Laura Barbas-Rhoden, Gisela Heffes


Scott Edward Anderson, Azorean Suite: A Poem of the Moment/Suite Açoriana: Um Poema do Momento Victoria Saramago, Fictional Environments: Mimesis, Deforestation, and Development in Latin America Charles Maurice Pigott, Writing the Land, Writing Humanity: The Maya Literary Renaissance Lucien Darjeun Meadows, “Circling Eloh: A Meditation” Listen on Podbean Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify

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Weaving the World: Poetry and Conversation with Heather Swan

It’s been a while since we’ve had some poetry on EcoCast, so… enjoy some poetry on EcoCast! We’re joined by Heather Swan, poet and lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Heather shares some poems from her collection A Kinship with Ash, and we discuss her non-fiction books, Where Honeybees Thrive and the forthcoming Where the Grass Still Sings. We talk about the wonder and grief inspired by witnessing the natural world and the harms done to it by humans, and think about the power of writing and ...

On the Shoulders of Giants: Important Voices of Environmental Humanities

This month, we’re thrilled to be joined by Joni Adamson, Professor of English and Environmental Humanities, and Director of the Environmental Humanities Initiative, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University. Joni’s work in ecocriticism and the environmental humanities stretches back to the field’s early days. We discuss her history, some of her recent work, as well as what she has in the pipeline for the future.

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Humanities for the Environment, North American Observatory information:

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It’s the End of World as We Know It (and the Hero Survives): Robert Geal and the Psychoanalysis of Disaster Cinema

This month, we’re joined by Robert Geal, lecturer at University of Wolverhampton, UK to discuss his recent book Ecological Film Theory and Psychoanalysis: Surviving the Environmental Apocalypse. We discuss the role that disaster cinema has on our psychological relationship to the environment, environmental disaster, and society’s (in)action towards climate change.

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Nature Creeps Back: Creature Features and the Environment with Christy Tidwell & Bridgitte Barclay

What’s scarier than climate change? Not much, but this month’s guests–Bridgitte Barclay, Associate Professor at Aurora University, and Christy Tidwell, Associate Professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology–join us to talk about the sub-genre of horror films known as creature features, and how these films can change how we think about environmental concerns.

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