Interest Groups

What is an Interest Group?

Interest Groups are grassroots initiatives that arise as ASLE members wish to organize. These groups can form around any topic of interest be it disciplinary (e.g., Ecomedia Studies), geographic (e.g., Southwest Literature), institutional (e.g., Undergraduate or 2-year colleges) etc. Interest groups serve to encourage networking and fellowship, as well as to provide support for pedagogy, scholarship, and mentoring within these particular areas.

How do Interest Groups form?

Any group wishing to be an Interest Group should:

  • Form organically in the organization.
  • Submit a description, including the group’s rationale and purpose, an agenda with plans and goals, and contact information for a designated member of the interest group. This information should be submitted to the Professional Liaison Coordinator (see our Leadership & Staff page for current contact information).

What privileges will this designation provide?

Interest Group privileges include the following:

  • Publishing articles online in ASLE News.
  • Being listed on the ASLE Interest Group Page, which enables links to other Interest Group pages.
  • Sponsoring meetings, receptions, and panels at the Biennial Meeting, subject to existing policies and procedures.
  • Applying to host an off-year symposium, subject to existing policies and procedures.
  • Submitting multiple session proposals to the annual meeting, subject to existing policies and procedures, and being listed in the conference booklet as sponsoring up to two of these sessions. These sessions must be approved through the regular conference procedures.

These privileges do not include:

  • Receiving funds from the organization.
  • The ability to collect membership dues.
  • Guaranteed slots on ASLE boards, committees, and/or task forces.
  • Guaranteed panel acceptance at the conference. All panels must go through the regular process for consideration.
  • The ability to select conference plenary speakers.
Current ASLE Interest Groups

You can also post and correspond with these groups in the ASLE Member Community, just go to the “Chatter” tab and then look for “Groups” by the names below, and join the one(s) you would like to be a part of.

Asian Ecocriticism
Contact: Kiu-wai Chu
Visit their Facebook Page

Creative Caucus
Contact: Janine DeBaise
Visit their Facebook Page

Ecocritical Visual Culture
Contacts: Emily Gephardt and Maura Coughlin
Visit their Facebook Page

Ecocriticism and Narrative Theory
Contact: Erin James
Visit their Facebook Page

Ecocriticism of the Americas
Contact: Charlotte Rogers

Ecology and Religion 
Contacts: Jeremy Elliott

Ecomedia Studies
Contacts: Bridgitte Barclay, Shannon Davies Mancus, and Christy Tidwell
Visit their Facebook Page
Visit the Ecomedia Studies blog

Energy Humanities
Contacts: Jacob Goessling and Jordan Kinder

Environmental Rhetoric and Writing
Contacts: Paul Formisano and Michaelann Nelson

Indigenous Ecocriticism
Contacts: Abigail Perez Aguilera and Kyle Bladow