Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities

When ASLE was established in 1992, ecocriticism was an emerging interdisciplinary field in literary and cultural studies. Over the past two decades, ecocriticism has developed across a range of historical periods, literary and artistic genres, cultural histories, theoretical frameworks, and research and teaching methods.

Today ASLE offers a center of gravity for ecocriticism as well as a growing international community of scholars and teachers across the humanities and arts––representing disciplines such as literature, history, philosophy, film and media, cultural studies, religious studies, cultural geography, and anthropology. This vibrant area of research and teaching  falls under the umbrella term “the environmental humanities.”

Whether you are new to these fields, or a longtime ASLE member, we invite you to explore the field-defining statements of our members––today and in the past.

Member Perspectives

ASLE members offer perspectives to define the field of ecocriticism and environmental humanities.

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Definitions of Ecocriticism

This archive chronicles the emergence of ecocriticism as a field of study—from the founding of ASLE in the early 1990s to 2009.

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