ASLE has put on twelve biennial conferences, beginning with our inaugural conference at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, in 1995. Information and links to past conference websites, talks, documents, and articles, if still active, are listed below.

Virtual Biennial Conference, 2021


July 26-August 6, 2021
Held Virtually Online

  • Conference CFP
  • Conference Program
  • Program Chairs: Laura Barbas-Rhoden, Wofford College, and Bethany Wiggin, University of Pennsylvania
  • Stream Chairs: Critical Pedagogies: Melissa Sexton, Aubrey Streit Krug, and Kristin Van Tassel
    Disease and Health Humanities: Gina Stamm
    Eco-Theory: Scott Hess
    Elemental Rhetoric, Michaelann Nelson and Paul Formisano
    Emergent Environments: Caroline Schaumann and Heather Sullivan
    Energy Humanities: Jacob Goessling and Jordan Kinder
    Environmental Justice: Ryan Hediger and Shane Hall
    Indigenous Ecocriticism: Abigail Perez Aguilera and Kyle Bladow
    Migrant Ecocriticism: Rina García Chua and Lisa Fink
    The Pluriverse: Jeremy Elliott
    Public Engagements: George Handley
    Speculative Ecomedia: Bridgitte Barclay and Christy Tidwell
  • Recorded Talks from the 2021 Conference:

  • My Climate Stories Workshop
  • Learning Refugia Workshop
  • Aimee Nezhukumatathil Keynote: “Why Wonder, Why Now: The Need for Astonishment from Diverse Voices”
  • Zoe Todd and AM Kanngieser Keynote: Environmental Kin Studies
  • Q&A Session with Zoe Todd and AM Kanngieser
  • “Mapping Migraciones” Audubon Project Keynote
  • Brionté McCorkle, Georgia Conservation Voters Keynote
  • Reading featuring Kim Stafford, Elizabeth Dodd, and José Angel Araguz
  • Resilience and Representation: A Roundtable of Teaching Scholars off the Tenure Track
  • Thirteenth Biennial Conference, 2019

    Paradise on Fire

    June 26-30, 2019
    University of California, Davis

  • Conference CFP
  • Conference Program
  • Program Chairs: Stacy Alaimo, University of Oregon, and Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Arizona State University
  • Hosts: Mike Ziser, Kristin George Bagdanov, and Rachel DeWitt, UC Davis
  • Twelfth Biennial Conference, 2017

    Eleventh Biennial Conference, 2015

    Notes from Underground: The Depths of Environmental Arts, Culture and Justice

    June 23-27, 2015
    University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

  • Conference website
  • Conference CFP
  • Conference Program
  • Program Chair: Cate Sandilands, York University
  • Hosts: Scott Slovic, Erin James, Anna Banks, Jennifer Ladino, University of Idaho
  • Tenth Biennial Conference, 2013

    Changing Nature: Migrations, Energies, Limits

    May 28 – June 1, 2013
    University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

    Ninth Biennial Conference, 2011

    Species, Space and the Imagination of the Global

    June 21-26, 2011
    Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

    Eighth Biennial Conference, 2009

    ISLAND TIME: The Fate of Place in a Wired, Warming World

    June 2-6, 2009
    University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    Seventh Biennial Conference, 2007

    Confluence: literature, art, criticism, science, activism, politics

    June 12-16, 2007
    Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC

    Sixth Biennial Conference, 2005

    Being in the World, Living With the Land

    June 21-26, 2005
    University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

    Fifth Biennial Conference, 2003

    “the solid earth! the actual world!”: Sea–City–Pond–Garden

    June 3-7, 2003
    Boston University, Boston, MA

    Fourth Biennial Conference, 2001

    Making a Start Out of Particulars

    June 19-23, 2001
    Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

    • Conference Program
    • Program Chair: Randall Roorda, University of Kentucky
    • Host: Max Oelschlaeger, Northern Arizona University

    Third Biennial Conference, 1999

    What to Make of a Diminished Thing: Restoration, Preservation, Conservation

    June 2-5, 1999
    Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

    • Conference Program
    • Program Chair: Walter Isle, Rice University
    • Host: Tom Bailey, Western Michigan University

    Second Biennial Conference, 1997

    July 17-19, 1997
    University of Montana, Missoula, MT

    First Biennial Conference, 1995

    June 9-11, 1995
    Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO