Participant Information

For information on scheduled speakers, workshops, and events, head on over to the Schedule and Events Page.  For information on travel, lodging, and dining in Portland, visit the Travel and Stay Page.


The rates for registration are listed below. In-person registration will give attendees access to all ASLE, AESS, and joint events, including sessions, plenary talks, events and receptions. Virtual registration will give access to recorded virtual concurrent sessions and recorded plenary talks; there are several virtual workshop options as well.

Registration Fees: ALL conference participants must register and pay the advertised fee including discussion leaders; presenters; chairs; co-chairs; topic and session organizers, sponsors, exhibitors and general attendees.

ASLE members: please find your member discount code by logging into your account at and it will be displayed on the member home page. If your membership has expired, you will be prompted to renew before being able to view this page. International ASLE affiliate members, contact and provide verification of current membership to get the code.

Code of Conduct: ALL conference participants agree to abide by the Conference Code of Conduct, posted in the tab below.

Refunds/Cancellation Fee: Requests for conference registration fee refunds must be received by May 15. Refunds will be processed in the following way: 72 hours after registering, 100%. Through May 1, 75%. Between May 2-15, 50%. All registration fees are nonrefundable after May 15, 2023.

Transfers: Attendee substitutions are allowed, but they must be submitted in writing to The substitute must be equal or less or additional registration fees may be needed. No refunds will be given for transfers to lower registration tiers.

Nonmembers are welcome to join ASLE prior to registration to take advantage of the member rates. Early Bird rates will be available through May 31.

In-Person Registration Tiers:
• Nonmember full rate (includes a year’s membership in ASLE): $279 Early Bird / $309 Regular
• Member full rate: $199 Early Bird / $219 Regular
• Nonmember student/contingent rate (includes a a year’s membership in ASLE): $139 Early Bird / $155 Regular
• Member student/contingent rate: $99 Early Bird / $109 Regular
• Single day full rate (no membership included: $110.00 Early Bird / $130.00 Regular
• Single day student rate (no membership included: $75.00 Early Bird / $80.00 Regular

ASLE presenters with financial need may apply for a Travel Award. Twelve awards of $500 USD will be given. Deadline to apply is March 22, 2023.

Virtual Registration Tiers:
• Virtual Nonmember $50.00
• Virtual Nonmember student/contingent $35.00
• Virtual Member rate $30.00
• Virtual Member student/contingent rate $20.00

Virtual presenters with financial need may apply for a Virtual Registration Waiver. Ten waivers will be given. Deadline to apply is March 22, 2023.

Travel Awards & Virtual Registration Waivers

Travel Awards

Funding Amount: Twelve (12) awards of $500 each will be given.

Deadline to Apply: March 22, 2023

Purpose: The purpose of the travel award is to substantively support participants who are in precarious employment or students who lack institutional funding and who can reasonably demonstrate that an award will make attending the conference possible. Relatedly, another purpose is to support members whose presence contributes to ASLE’s mission of “promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.”

Eligibility requires that an applicant:

• is or will be a member of ASLE (or an international ASLE affiliate, for example ASLE-Korea, EASLCE, etc.) by the registration deadline
• has not previously received an ASLE Conference Travel Award
• has an official role to play at the conference (in order of priority: presenting an accepted paper or reading, attending a pre-conference workshop, chairing a panel)
• demonstrates financial need
• preference will be given to applicants of international, student, independent, or contingent/adjunct status, as well as members whose presence contributes to ASLE’s mission of promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion at the conference.

To apply, please fill out the Pheedloop form linked to below. The following items will be required:

• Your current status and professional affiliation, the type and title of your presentation, panel or workshop, and contact information.
• Your role(s) in the conference program, and whether your paper/panel has been accepted.
• An explanation (250 words maximum) of how your attendance contributes to the purpose above, which explicitly seeks to support economic and demographic inclusivity, students, and international members.
• A detailed estimate of the budgeted cost for you of attending the conference, and any other anticipated funding that you expect to receive from other sources.

Applicants will be notified of decisions on the awards by April 16, 2023.

ASLE Travel Award Application

Virtual Registration Waivers

Virtual presenters with financial need may apply for a Virtual Registration Waiver. Ten waivers will be given. Deadline to apply is March 22, 2023.

Graduate Student Writing Awards


ASLE will once again honor the best work of graduate students with awards for presentations made at its 2023 conference. The awards will be announced prior to the conference, and presented at the Authors’ Reception on Monday July 10.

• One awardee will be chosen from the submissions of eligible work to receive $100 and be published in ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment.
• Up to two more honorable mentions will be chosen to receive $100.
• Both scholarly papers in any aspect of the environmental humanities or any genre of environmental creative writing by a graduate student presented at the conference are eligible for the awards.
• Those submitting papers must be presenting at the conference, be members of ASLE or an international affiliate, and should be or have been enrolled as a graduate student at some time within seven months of the conference dates.

NOTE: The paper that is submitted for award consideration must be essentially the same as your presentation at the conference. Submissions longer than 12 double-spaced pages (works cited excluded) will not be accepted.

Deadline for submissions: June 5, 2023

Submission Requirements and Instructions (PDF)

Questions? Email coordinator Sylvan Goldberg at


Submissions deadline has passed. Winners will be announced in advance of the conference, and honored at the Authors’ Reception.

Read more: Book and Paper Awards Page

Exhibiting, Advertising, and Sponsorships

If you are interested in participating in the Publishers’ Exhibit, sponsorship opportunities, or advertising at the conference, please see the prospectus document below for options, pricing, and details.


Link to Sponsor Registration Form

Link to Exhibitor Registration Form

Our current conference sponsors include Arizona State University Humanities, Rice University,, Arlene Plevin, Reed College, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration at GWU, Antioch University, University of Portland, Oxford University Press, Falk School of Sustainability and Environment at Chatham University, Pace University, Lewis and Clark College Environmental Studies, and we welcome others!

Contact Information and FAQs

Many of your questions can be answered by consulting this conference website, so please look here first! If that does not do the trick:

Do I need to become a member of ASLE to attend the conference?
We offer member rates to the conference, and membership for one year will be bundled into the conference rates. AESS will offer the same tiers and pricing to their attendees.

Read more about becoming an ASLE member here. Rates are by income tier and start at $30.

Who do I contact with my questions that aren’t answered here?
Please direct your questions about the conference to

For ASLE membership inquiries, please contact Amy McIntyre, ASLE Managing Director, at

What are the conference social media accounts and tags?
We will post updates and events to ASLE’s main Facebook page .

Twitter hashtag for the conference is #ASLE+AESS2023

We also have a Conference Message Board with topical streams where you can post about rideshares, roommates, childcare, meetups, etc. and communicate with people attending.

Accessibility and Sustainability


ASLE recognizes that sustainability relies on three pillars: ecological, economic, and social justice. We are therefore committed to creating a conference in which all people can participate, and which disrupts the social construction of dis/ability along with other social injustices. In accordance with our Access Guidelines, the following are a few of the ways in which ASLE will support access at the 2023 conference in Portland:

• The host site, the Oregon Convention Center, is fully ADA accessible.
• We are including ADA accessible accommodations in our room blocks at Lolo Pass, and Portland State University. We requested this from the Hyatt, but due to a veteran’s group with many wheelchair guests during the same dates, there are none available.
• Food at sponsored conference events will be labelled for potential allergens, and include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.
• Washington Park and Portland Art Museum field trips are accessible, as is the MAX light rail system in Portland.
• We will disseminate guidelines to panel organizers and participants that address handouts, audiovisuals, communication, and presentation with accessibility in mind.


The Oregon Convention Center has long held a leadership role in green building and other environmentally responsible business practices. In 2004, they were the first convention center to earn the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) for Existing Buildings certification. In 2014, they earned LEED® Platinum status, the highest level of certification.

They are also the only convention center in the United States to have earned a level 4 APEX/ASTM certification, the first standards created specifically for green meetings and events. This program, verified by the Events Industry Council, gives a roadmap for planning sustainable events, helping vendors and guests practice green habits, and working with the community to support the environment.

Things participants can do to make a more sustainable conference:
• Shut off lights and technology when not in use
• Bring your own coffee mug or water bottle and make use of refill stations
• Patronize local and/or sustainable businesses for your needs while in town
• Bring your own nametag holder or be sure to recycle the one you receive at the conference so we can reuse them
• Walk, bike, or make use of public transportation while in town
• Make use of recycling receptacles on campus
• Reduce food waste and minimize consumption of heavily packaged foods
• Offset your carbon footprint for the conference by contributing through donation or volunteer time to a sustainably-minded organization you respect

Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines

Code of Conduct

We believe that the best problem-solving and critical thinking happens when people with a wide array of experiences and perspectives come together to engage in dialogue, and hold space in these conversations for a diversity of needs and perspectives. We therefore expect participants in the ASLE community to help create thoughtful and respectful environments where that interaction can take place.

The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) is committed to creating an inclusive environment at its conferences that is welcoming, safe, collaborative, supportive, and productive for all attendees, including but not limited to volunteers, exhibitors, service providers, ASLE members, conference participants, speakers, vendors, media representatives, commentators, sponsors, and staff. ASLE values the diversity of views, expertise, opinions, backgrounds, and experiences reflected among these attendees. As a community, ASLE will not tolerate harassment in any form.

This Code of Conduct outlines ASLE’s expectations for all conference attendees, including but not limited to, volunteers, exhibitors, service providers, ASLE members, conference participants, speakers, vendors, media representatives, commentators, sponsors, and staff. Cooperation is expected from everyone to ensure these standards are met.

As an ASLE conference attendee, you are expected to:

  • Treat everyone with respect and consideration.
  • Respect the boundaries of other attendees.
  • Communicate openly and thoughtfully with others and be considerate of the multitude of views and opinions that are different than your own.
  • Be respectful in your discussion and critique of ideas; avoid ad-hominem (personal) attacks on others, both during conference sessions and on social media.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow attendees. Take appropriate action if you notice a potentially troubling or dangerous situation, someone in distress, and/or any form of harassment.
  • Avoid potentially offensive behavior, including but not limited to, sexism, racism, ageism, abuse of power, sexual harassment, and all other forms of discrimination, at all times during the conference.
  • Respect the rules, policies, and requests of ASLE and of all venues associated with the conference.
  • When sharing information about ASLE or any conference attendees via public communication channels, share responsibly and clearly distinguish individual opinion from fact.
  • Only consume alcohol if of legal age to do so, and consume alcohol responsibly during conference events.
  • Health and COVID Guidelines

    Conference COVID Guidelines

    The health and safety of all visitors to ASLE+AESS 2023 conference remains a priority. We will monitor changing government mandates and policies, local and venue protocols, along with public health announcements, and will adjust our approach as needed. We ask attendees to exercise personal responsibility using these guidelines:

    • We recommend that all participants are vaccinated and boosted before attending the conference. We encourage all attendees regardless of vaccination status to utilize self-check screening and testing prior to and during the event per CDC guidelines. COVID test kits may be obtained at local retailers. 
    • We will not be asking for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test at the venue, but instead trust you to be a responsible member of our community.  
    • Masks in indoor meetings and events throughout the conference are encouraged. We also encourage you to exercise caution and use preventative measures as you travel to the conference.
    • If you test positive for COVID in the days leading up to or at the conference, we ask that you consider staying home or isolating yourself.
    • Please bring your own masks to the event.  We will have some extra masks.
    • Please be thoughtful about the range of needs others may have in terms of social distancing and physical contact and respect their preferences.
    • Remember that other members of the public will be at the OCC, hotels, and dorms, and currently there are no local government mandates in place. 

     The pandemic remains an evolving situation, so please keep an eye out for any updates.

    Venue, Local, and State Information:

    The Convention Center has achieved Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ accreditation, the gold standard for prepared facilities. The GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation Program is performance-based and designed to help facilities establish a comprehensive system of cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention for staff and venues. The OCC also has hand sanitizing stations.

    State and local guidelines

    State and federal guidelines

    Thank you for being a part of our communities and this event.