Propose a Symposium

Off-Year ASLE Symposia: Your Topic, Your Place

Because ASLE’S international conference occurs biennially (in odd-numbered years), we encourage proposals for smaller symposia in even-numbered years. Typically, our funding is in the form of seed money (between $1,000-$2,000), which is paid back to ASLE if the symposium turns a profit.  If the organization applying is deemed by the Executive Council to be underfunded or is an ASLE international sister organization, the funds do not need to be returned.  We seek to help fund symposia that are one-time (not regularly held), small, and in need of support.  Ideally, we would like to distribute our funds as widely as possible, seeking diversity in terms of both geography and topic.  Please help spread the word and consider proposing an off-year symposium.

If you seek ASLE affiliation–but not seed money–for a meeting, or if your meeting occurs with regularity, then you might consider requesting that ASLE offer its nominal sponsorship for the meeting.  For such requests, follow the same guidelines below, but take care to indicate that you seek only nominal support.

The procedures for reviewing and funding symposia are as follows: A proposal should be submitted to the ASLE president, who will distribute it to the Executive Council for review.  We need lots of lead time so that the proposals can be distributed among the members of Executive Council and then voted upon.  To this end, please submit proposals at least 18 months in advance of your symposium.

A successful proposal would be one that outlines a symposium that promises to be well-organized and important to our intellectual community, that deals with a topic that is pertinent and appealing to our membership, that strives to meet our sustainability goals, and that brings ASLE members to an interesting place.  Please include full information regarding the meeting, including the names of organizers/hosts, funding sources, housing and meal accommodations, invited keynote speakers, the proposed schedule for the meeting, including any field trips, and a tentative budget.  Please address how these aspects of planning take sustainability into account; for example, meals should strive to include as many vegetarian and local choices as possible.

For tips on issues to consider, please review the Conferences Off-Year Guide and also the Biennial Conference Guidelines. If you have questions, please contact the current ASLE President.