If you have any questions not addressed here, please get in touch with Amy McIntyre, Managing Director, at info@asle.org.

How Do I Get Involved in the Organization?

There are numerous ways to participate in ASLE and its programs. Here are a few suggestions for how to become involved in our association:

Become a Member
Membership in ASLE is the easiest way to get connected to the activities of the organization. Read about membership and its benefits.

Attend or Host an ASLE Conference
In odd years we hold our ASLE Biennial Conference; in even years we sponsor ASLE-sponsored regional symposia. Find out more about these events at our Biennial Conference and Affiliated Symposia pages.

Keep up on Our Latest Activities Through Social Media
To promote the daily exchange of ideas between colleagues interested in the field of literature and environment or particular issues within the field, we encourage you to join in the conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and the ASLE Discussion List.

Several groups within ASLE have social media sites as well, such as the Diversity Caucus and Graduate Students.

Run for Office or Apply for an Appointed Position
ASLE holds an election each year to elect officers (depending on the year, these offices include President, Vice President, Executive Councilors, Diversity Officer, and Graduate Student Liaison). These positions afford office holders a vote on issues of relevance to the organization.

There are also numerous non-voting appointments that help ASLE to fulfill its mission, including Digital Strategies Editor, Professional Liaison Coordinator, International Liaisons, and Awards Coordinators. We also have an active Graduate Student Working Group that is always looking for volunteer members to help with projects related to student programming.

To learn more or find out what positions are open now or in the future, please contact the current ASLE Co-Presidents.

How do I learn more about this field of study?

There are a number of points of entry for exploring our field, but our Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities Page is a good place to start.

If you are interested in teaching resources, consult the Teaching Resources Database or our Featured Teaching Articles

If you are interested in the latest books and research in the field, consult Featured Research & Projects

How Do I Get a Subscription to ISLE Journal, and How Do I Access Issues Online?

Individuals must be a member of ASLE to receive a subscription to the journal and gain online access. Click here to join ASLE. Libraries, institutions and organizations can subscribe to the journal by visiting the ISLE page at Oxford University Press and consulting their Subscription Information.

If you are a member and want to access and read ISLE online, just go to our member login page. Once you login with email and password, you will see the link to ISLE journal online.

You can receive more information on subscriptions, submission guidelines, advertising, editorial information, and how to request back issues and articles at the ISLE Website.

How Do I Apply for an ASLE Grant or Writing Award?

You must first be a member of ASLE or one of its international affiliates to qualify for ASLE Grants and Awards. See Become a Member above for how to apply. The one exception to this is our International Membership Grants.

Then read about application criteria and deadlines for our various programs at the Grants or Book & Paper Awards sections of our website.

How Do I Start an International Affiliate?

International members of ASLE are free to form international affiliates of ASLE in their respective regions or nations so long as these affiliates operate in a spirit consistent with the ASLE mission.

Please look over our Guide to Forming an International Affiliate prior to application. To apply for affiliate status contact the current ASLE President.

How Do I Host a Biennial Conference or Off-Year Symposium?

We welcome proposals from anyone interested in hosting an ASLE event on their campus. ASLE has a set of guidelines for preparing and submitting a proposal to host biennial conferences and off-year symposia. Please consult the Proposal Guidelines page for full information.