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Note: The name of the conference was not drawn from any specific event, but from the long literary imagining of California as another world, as we hope the call for panels and papers have made clear. The title was intended to be metaphorical, and took on an unintended new meaning in light of the tragic November 2018 Camp Fire, which destroyed the town of Paradise CA. ASLE mourns for the loss of life, home and habitat in that fire, and will continue to take steps to assist the fire’s victims. We will reach out to affected communities as part of our conference effort as well. ASLE is a community dedicated to grappling with difficult, long-term and often irresolvable issues. Despite its unintended resonance we have retained the conference’s title to remember what happened in California and to memorialize the tragic loss of life and home. To back away from a conference title that has proven to be disturbingly prescient, even though it is now a difficult, even problematic title, would be to sidestep the trouble rather than dealing intellectually, artistically, and pragmatically with reality. We trust that our members will think respectfully about the fire and its victims as they plan their presentations. ASLE will continue to seek out ways that our organization and conference attendees can aid the victims of this tragedy and assist their recovery.  To donate, see below for a list of organizations.

Donations for the 2018 Camp Fire

North Valley Community Foundation: The fund will provide financial resources to organizations and agencies responding to those affected by the Camp Fire in Northern California.

North Valley Animal Disaster Group: Works jointly with public and private agencies and organizations in the area to help ensure the safety and well-being of all domestic animals and farm animals, including wildlife, affected by a disaster. This includes assistance with emergency temporary shelter, evacuation, and medical care.

Caring Choices Chico: 100% of donations will be used to directly offer aid to those in need. Donors can indicate if they are making a contribution or a donation to a specific person, area or need.

California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund: Supports victims by helping to rebuild homes and providing financial assistance to those who need medical and mental treatment.

ASLE 2019 Field Trip to the Yolo Basin to see the nightly bat flyout. Photo by Ben Blackman (UC Davis).

The University and the City

Indigenous Lands: The Davis campus–and in particular the area along the old north channel of Putah Creek (now the university arboretum) near our conference venues–was historically the site of Patwin (Southern Wintu) village settlements.  Native remains are often found during construction of campus buildings, most notably in the case of the Mondavi Center.  A Native American Contemplative Garden now sits diagonally across from the Alumni Center on the other side of the creek. 

Here are some thoughts from a Davis resident and tribal liason:

Since its founding in 1908, UC Davis has been known for its academics and commitment to sustainability. They remain dedicated to solving issues related to food, health, the environment and society.

The 5,300-acre campus is in the city of Davis, a vibrant college town of about 68,000 located in Yolo County. Sacramento, the state capital, is 20 minutes away, and natural and cultural destinations such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Lake Tahoe and the Napa Valley are within a two-hour drive.

To learn more about UC Davis and attractions and activities in the city and region around Davis, see and


Recorded Plenary Talks from the 2017 Conference are available in the Conference Archive. For information on all past conferences, see the Conference Archive

I first attended and presented at ASLE at the 2009 conference in Victoria, BC.  At the time, I was a Master’s student and didn’t yet know whether I wanted to pursue studies in the field of environmental literature, or even a career in academia more broadly. After five days of amazing conference panels, intellectually stimulating conversations, and fun hiking adventures, I was certain that I had chosen the right field and the right profession.  Now, attending ASLE conferences truly feels like coming home. I would not be where I am today without ASLE, an organization that is welcoming of all perspectives, all methodologies, and scholars at all stages of their careers. – Stephen Siperstein (English Teacher, Choate Rosemary Hall)

ASLE welcomes proposals to host both our biennial conferences and off-year affiliated symposia.

We are currently seeking a site for 2021!  Read more: Request for Proposals ASLE 2021.

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University of California, Davis

June 26-30, 2019