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Toxic Immanence: Decolonizing Nuclear Legacies and Futures

Edited by Livia Monnet, Foreword by Magdalena E. Stawkowski. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022

This interdisciplinary edited collection examines twentieth and twenty-first century nuclear industries and cultures from the perspective of nuclear humanities, energy humanities and environmental humanities. Positioning itself at the intersection of postcolonial, decolonial, feminist, new materialist, and indigenous environmental science approaches, Toxic Immanence advocates for resistance to, and for the unconditional abolition of nuclear complexes and of the global nuclear regime. Some of its contributions highlight little known aspects of the history and ...

tender gravity

Christy Tidwell

By Marybeth Holleman. Red Hen Press, 2022. 

tender gravity charts Marybeth Holleman’s quest for relationship to the more-than-human world, navigating her childhood in North Carolina to her life in Alaska, with deep time in remote land and seascapes. Always the focus is on what can be found by attention to the world beyond her own human skin, what can be found there as she negotiates loss—the loss of beloved places, wild beings, her younger brother. “do not think,” she says to her mother, “that i ...

Among Animals 3: The Lives of Animals and Humans in Contemporary Short Fiction

Christy Tidwell

Edited by John Yunker. Ashland Creek Press, 2022. 

Animals speak. But humans are, with few exceptions, ill-equipped to understand them. Fortunately, we have writers.

Writers play the critical role of interpreter, positioned between humans and the billions of nonhuman animals with whom we share this planet. In Among Animals 3, you will meet some of these writers as well as the animals who inspire them. These writers have made the most of their talents in writing about species ranging from dogs and cats to chickens and ...

Toni Morrison and the Natural World: An Ecology of Color

Christy Tidwell

By Anissa Janine Wardi. University of Mississippi Press, 2021. 

Critics have routinely excluded African American literature from ecocritical inquiry despite the fact that the literary tradition has, from its inception, proved to be steeped in environmental concerns that address elements of the natural world and relate nature to the transatlantic slave trade, plantation labor, and nationhood. Toni Morrison’s work is no exception. Toni Morrison and the Natural World: An Ecology of Color is the first full-length ecocritical investigation of the Nobel Laureate’s novels and brings to ...

Halcyon Journey: In Search of the Belted Kingfisher

By Marina Richie. Oregon State University Press, 2022.

More than one hundred species of kingfishers brighten every continent but Antarctica. Not all are fishing birds. They range in size from the African dwarf kingfisher to the laughing kookaburra of Australia. This first book to feature North America’s belted kingfisher is a lyrical story of observation, revelation, and curiosity in the presence of flowing waters.

The kingfisher—also known as the halcyon bird—is linked to the mythic origin of halcyon days, a state of happiness that Marina ...


Christy Tidwell

By Stacey Balkun. Sundress Publications, 2022. 

Stacey Balkun’s debut full-length collection, Sweetbitter, is an examination of youth, gender, sexuality, and yearning at an atomic level. The collection reads like a fever dream as Balkun uncovers the radioactive darkness that hides beneath the earth’s surface and how it seeps into the lives of those who come near. The speaker takes us with them into the wilderness, wanting the world to be perceived differently, begging to be seen as more. From sapphic longing and poisoned baptisms to ...


Christy Tidwell

By Rebecca A. Durham. Shanti Arts, 2022. 

Chosen by Susan Howe for the Marsh Hawk Press Rochelle Ratner Memorial Award, Loss/Less is a collection that addresses grief and reverence for the natural world. These commanding yet haunting poems present an “ecstatic interpretation of the natural world that brings Emerson to mind. Her lush, vibrant language is a hymn, hypnotic—and a warning about our human impact, our ‘monstrous lust’ that threatens” (Erin Malone).

Poetry and Science: Writing Our Way to Discovery

Christy Tidwell

Edited by Lucille Lang Day. Scarlet Tanager Books, 2021.

By bringing science into poetry, we open the possibility of discovering new forms and philosophies of poetry, new perspectives on our relationship to the Earth and our place in the universe, and even new scientific insights. In Poetry and Science: Writing Our Way to Discovery, five women poets—Elizabeth Bradfield, Lucille Lang Day, Alison Hawthorne Deming, Ann Fisher-Wirth, and Allison Adelle Hedge Coke—discuss the many possibilities for discovery that arise from the union of poetry and ...

Climate Change and the New Polar Aesthetics: Artists Reimagine the Arctic and Antarctic

Christy Tidwell

By Lisa Bloom. Duke University Press, 2022.

In Climate Change and the New Polar Aesthetics, Lisa E. Bloom considers the way artists, filmmakers, and activists in the Arctic and Antarctic represent our current environmental crises and reconstruct public understandings of them. Bloom engages feminist, Black, Indigenous, and non-Western perspectives to address the exigencies of the experience of the Anthropocene and its attendant ecosystem failures, rising sea levels, and climate-led migrations. As opposed to mainstream media depictions of climate change that feature apocalyptic spectacles of distant ...

Wine-Dark Sea: New & Selected Poems & Translations

Christy Tidwell

By Scott Edward Anderson. Shanti Arts, 2022. 

In Wine-Dark Sea: New & Selected Poems & Translations, award-winning poet and translator Scott Edward Anderson brings together a body of over thirty new poems written over the past decade, with older poems that have not appeared in collections before, as well as selections from his earlier works, Fallow Field and 30-Day Poems, the latter previously available only on the Internet. This book also includes a generous sampling of the poet’s translations of poems by important Portuguese poets ranging from Fernando Pessoa and ...

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