Calls for Contributions

Wildness and Wilderness in American Travel Writing

The Society for the Study of American Travel Writing (SSATW) seeks proposals for a panel on “Wildness and Wilderness in American Travel Writing” at the American Literature Association’s Fall Symposium (October 26-28, 2023, in Santa Fe, New Mexico). Scholarship on any region or era of American Travel Writing is welcome.

The unfamiliar, unexplored, and unsettled places have long captivated the American literary imagination and travel writing. Whether we think of wilderness as sacred, shrinking, imagined, or simulated, how has the spectacle of wildness, in ...

Postcolonial Ecofeminist Literature

Chapter proposals are invited for Postcolonial Ecofeminist Literature. Interested authors should submit a 300-word abstract, a 200-word biography, and a sample of a previously published chapter or article to the Dropbox folder at no later than June 10, 2023.

This is a volume of literary theory and criticism guided by both postcolonial and ecofeminist insights. To be competitive, proposals must:

Show how postcolonial studies and ecofeminism can each provide perspectives typically overlooked, ignored, or downplayed by the other field. Engage one or more key theorists from both postcolonial ...

Writing (About) Literature While the House Burns Down

Special Issue of Twentieth-Century Literature: Writing (About) Literature While the House Burns Down

As the climate house that allows for what we call “civilization” burns down, business as usual in the Global North keeps on fueling the fire. Indeed, the more climate change is talked about, the more greenhouse gas is emitted into the atmosphere.

As Greta Thunberg famously put it, “They’ve now had 30 years of blah, blah, blah and where has that led us?” Cleary, there is something wrong with the way we ...

The Ecology & Spirituality of Gardening with Native Plants

Call for Manuscripts for Edited Volume

Working Title: The Ecology and Spirituality of Gardening with Native Plants

Lexington Books (A Division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc)

Edited by Michael Stephens PhD (Johnson & Wales University)

In Maryland in 2020, a couple successfully filed a complaint against an HOA when it tried to prevent them from keeping their yard as a bee and wildlife friendly habitat. A law, passed in 2021 by the Maryland State Legislature, now limits the power of HOA’s in that state to dispute ...

A New American Vein: Critical Essays on Contemporary Appalachian Literature

A New American Vein: Critical Essays on Contemporary Appalachian Literature

Scholarly Collection: Call for Contributions

Editors: Nicole Drewitz-Crockett and Zackary Vernon

Ohio University Press’s release of An American Vein: Critical Readings in Appalachian Literature in 2005 was a watershed moment in regional studies. The first volume of its kind, An American Vein claimed new ground in literary criticism, confirming and coalescing scholarly understandings of major Appalachian literary texts. In doing so, it laid the foundation for additional volumes of criticism to follow. A New American Vein: Critical ...

Queer Environs

“Queer Environs” Special Issue for Diacritics, edited by Austin Lillywhite and Nicole Seymour

Both noun and verb, “environ” points to what’s “out there,” one’s milieu or surrounding world, the assemblage of human and more-than-human beings in which one finds oneself situated, as well as the activity of encircling an area to enclose, circumnavigate, or occupy it. So too, “queer,” as noun and verb, derives its original meaning from space, referring to something that is oblique, slanted, or off-center.

Taking the spatial dimensions at stake in the ...

Comics and Ecopolitics

CFP: Comics and Ecopolitics

Special issue of Comicalités, edited by Armelle Blin-Rolland, Margaret C. Flinn, and Johanna Sellman

Complete CFP available in English below. Both calls available on the Comicalités website here:

EN :

FR :

Argument As awareness of climate emergency and the sixth mass extinction has permeated the mainstream in recent years, there has been an explosion of environmentally themed comics, in the context of a broader trend in cultural productions and debates. While this contemporary wave of ‘EcoComix’ (Dobrin 2020) is unprecedented in terms ...

Queer and Trans Climate Futures: Special Cluster for ISLE Journal

Queer and Trans Climate Futures

Special Cluster for Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (ISLE)

Guest Edited by Austin Lillywhite and Davy Knittle

Call for Submissions (also found online at

How do conversations about climate futures change queer and trans studies—and, in turn, how do queer and trans studies reframe environmental humanities approaches to climate precarity? Given queer and trans studies’ twin emphases on reframing queer- and trans-phobic accusations of ontological “unnaturalness” on the one hand, and negotiating the politics of how racialized expectations of gender and ...

Bioethics for the biosphere: Exploring climate (in)justice

International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics: IJFAB

Call for papers for a special issue

Bioethics for the biosphere: Exploring climate (in)justice

Special issue editors: Beth Anne Bee & Christoph Rehmann-Sutter

Climate change is a global threat to human and environmental wellbeing. Mitigating this threat and preventing further planetary deterioration through social transformation and policy change raise numerous and urgent issues of ethics and justice from bodily to global scales. What is at stake is how to keep a livable planet. Such issues are at the heart ...

(Re)imagining Feminisms at the Atlantic Edge

Call for Papers, Edited volume: (Re)imagining Feminisms at the Atlantic Edge

Catherine Bush’s 2019 novel Blaze Island opens with the following epigraph from Elena Ferrante: “Pressing changes are underway. Everything is becoming something else, unpredictably. A completely new outlook is required. The challenge now and for the foreseeable future is to extract ourselves from what men have engineered, a planet long on the edge of catastrophe.” Throughout the novel, Bush underscores the importance of thinking critically about boundaries, specifically those of gender and geography, ...

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