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Insurgent Infrastructures

Insurgent Infrastructures Special Issue Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction

Whether it is pipeline protests, collapsed global supply chains, or fights for equitable housing, the invisible infrastructures that underpin our lives have gained an increasing vitality and presence as both bogeyman and rainmakers. More than just an increased visibility of the physical and ethereal infrastructures that compose our world, then, infrastructure itself, for all intents and purposes, has critically been weaponized over the past decade. From the insidious harvesting of digital data to the Polish/Belarusian border, ...


Call for papers for the JoE’s fourth issue Special Issue


At the “Women and Environment Conference” at UC Berkeley in 1974, convened by Sandra Marburg and Lisa Watson, the connection between women and environment was officially registered for the first time. The early ecofeminists like Vera Norwood find the association of women with nature and the efforts of the women in preserving the environment. They observe that, promoting its own history, and recognising the contribution of women in ...

Journal of Ecohumanism General Call

Journal of Ecohumanism invites contributors to submit their articles. Submission Deadline: throughout a year

Journal of Ecohumanism aims to open up new possibilities in reconfiguring the multidimensional interplays among humans and the more-than-human world by focusing on the structure, mechanics, functionalities, and representations of this interplay manifested across ecohumanist and civil contexts. Since Environmental Humanities ample research has looked at variable aspects of ecological citizenship, we have to focus on globalization’s temporality in the rise of Citizen Humanities. In this sense, we are in the midst ...

Italian Fantastika: Re-Imagining Identity via the Speculative Fictions of the Italian Diaspora

CFP: Italian Fantastika: Re-Imagining Identity via the Speculative Fictions of the Italian Diaspora

Proposals due: July 22, 2022

Individual entries: Between 7,000 and 8,000 words

Subject areas: Italian Diaspora Studies, Speculative Fiction, Film and Media Studies, Comics Studies, Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States

Speculative fictions, writ large, call on their readers to ask “what if,” to consider possibilities too difficult or too emotional for verisimilitudinous treatment. Wayne Booth and Martha Nussbaum have considered this potential an ethical strength of fiction–an ability to work out knotty or ...

Eco-Concepts: Critical Reflections in Emerging Ecocritical Theory and Ecological Thought


Please find call for chapters for our forthcoming book: ECO-CONCEPTS: Critical Reflections in Emerging Ecocritical Theory and Ecological Thought which is to be published by Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield) in 2023.

We cordially invite you to submit an abstract proposal (around 300-400 words) for our new book for editorial consideration by 30 June 2022. The book is planned to include chapters discussing the trending ecocritical key concepts and providing an evaluation of recent theories in the fields of ecocritical/environmental studies and the humanities in ...

Environmental Humanities in Latin America: Encounters between Art, Literature and Science

For this special number of Humanities journal, the first in Uruguay to address the interconnection between art, literature, and science from the perspective of the environmental humanities, we intend to cover a pending reflection in the region regarding the locus of enunciation of the environmental humanities in Latin America. For this, we invite authors to explore experimental, interdisciplinary, ecocritical, posthuman methodologies as well as materials that, crossing the borders between art and science, produce encounters between the humanities and other disciplines in situated and corporeal reflections with particular ...

Gender, Colonialism & Science: A Cross-Cultural Compendium of Primary Sources Volume 3: Plants

We are seeking contributions to a volume of primary source materials—with particular emphasis on those produced by women, queer, non-binary, two-spirit and/or transgender persons—that offer perspectives on gender and plant life (and quasi-plant life) from global geographies of direct relevance to the British empire (ca. 1650-1950).

This volume will be part of a 5-volume series, “Gender, Colonialism, and Science: A Cross-Cultural Compendium of Primary Sources” (General Editors: Donald L. Opitz and Banu Subramanian) from Routledge. Collectively, the volumes will illuminate gendered knowledge about nature ...

Trans Materiality and Queer Politics in Troubling Times

TRANSPOSITIONES Zeitschrift für transdisziplinäre und intermediale Kulturforschung / Journal for Transdisciplinary and Intermedial Culture Studies ISSN 2749-4128 (print), 2749-4136 (online)

Issue 3

Call for Papers

Thematic focus of the issue: Trans Materiality and Queer Politics in Troubling Times

The third issue of TRANSPOSITIONES will be devoted to trans concepts of materiality and queer politics emerging from the view of the world entangled in the hybrid relationships of matter, gender, human and nonhuman, technology and epistemology derived from Barad’s agential realist interpretation of quantum physics. The central text in this issue ...

MLA Options for Teaching Series: Science Writing

As fans of the genre can attest, popular science writing belies the notion of “science” and “literature” as separate domains. Bestselling science writers borrow freely from the techniques of fiction writers to craft compelling narratives, memorable examples, and evocative representations of technical information. Scholars have long recognized the literariness of science writing: as pioneering work by Gillian Beer, George Levine, Devin Griffiths, Donna Haraway, and others attests, it is difficult to overestimate the historical traffic between science and literature. Since the early modern ...

Crime Fiction and Ecology (Updated – Additional Chapters Required)

This is a final call for chapter proposals for The Routledge Companion to Crime Fiction and Ecology. We are seeking 5-6 additional chapters, with particular interest in the following topics/research areas:

• Petrofictions • Environmental Thrillers • The Global South • Truth/Post-Truth • Australian Crime Fiction • Energy Conflict

Please email abstracts of no more than 400 words along with a short biographical statement to Nathan Ashman ([email protected]) by 30th June 2022. Essays will be commissioned shortly after for delivery by December 1st, 2022. The collection is slated for release in ...

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