Sample Syllabi

This archive of sample syllabi is a resource for students, teachers, and scholars. We invite new syllabi to be included in the archive. All submissions should be in PDF format and should be sent to the Managing Director of ASLE at

Title Discipline
Landscape and American Culture American Studies
African American Nature Writers American Studies, English
Religion, Nature and the Environment Anthropology
Landscape, Visual Culture and Ecology Art History, Cultural Studies, Environmental Humanities
Honors Environmental Biology Biology
A Hunger for Reality: Writing an Essay of Place Composition
Calling America “Home” – Changing Concepts of Community and Place in American Culture Composition
Techniques of Interpretation: Composition
Changing Our Story: Shifting Identities, Altering Environments Composition, English
Nature Writing: A Field Course Creative Writing
New Materialisms: Nature, Culture, Environment Cultural Studies
Postcolonial Environments Cultural Studies, English, Environmental Humanities
Green Media Cultural Studies, Environmental Humanities, Film
A History of Nature Writing English
Adv. Comp: Environmental Lit. English
African American Environmental Literature English
American Landscape in Literature English
American Literature and Landscape English
American Literature and the American Environment English
American Literature and the American Environment English
American Literature and the Environment English
American Nature Writers English
Beyond Eden: Contact Narratives of Origins and Original Sin English
Critical Analysis English
Critical Methods: Environmental Criticism English
Earthworks: Literature and Environment English
Eco-Collapse: Fear, Disaster, and Nature in U.S. Culture English
Ecocriticism English
Ecological Issues and American Nature Writing English
Ecomedia English
Environmental Imaginings: Ecocriticism as Theory English
Environmental Literature English
Environmental Literature and Media, 1980-present English
Global Environmental Literature English
Honors Seminar in Literature and the Environment English
Indian Country English
Introduction to Climate Change Fiction English
Introduction to Environmental Literature English
Introduction to Environmental Literature English
Introduction to Environmental Literature English
Language, Literature and Environment English
Literature and Environment English
Literature and Environment in BC English
Literature and the Environment English
Literature and the Environment English
Literature and the Environment English
Literature of Climate Crisis English
Literature of Place: Florida English
Literature of the Environment English
Literature of Wilderness English
Minority Traditions in American Literature English
Mountains and the Literary Imagination English
Nature Writing English
Nature Writing and Environmental Literature English
Nature Writing: End of Nature? English
Nonfiction Prose: Nature Writing English
Power and Place English
Queer Ecologies: Reading American Landscapes English
Rafting, Writing, and Hiking in the Canyons of Dinosaur National Monument English
Reading Poetry: Ecopoetry and Environmental Imaginings English
Reasoning, Argumentation, and Writing: Issues of Sustainability English
Seminar in Literary Themes: Women and Nature English
Sense of Place In Literature English
Senses of Place in American Literature English
The American Wilderness English
The Literature of Environmental Justice English
Thinking Green: Expanding Your Environmental Consciousness English
Werewolves, Seal Wives, Grizzly Men, and Other Metamorphoses English
Women’s Writing About Place English
World Literature and the Environment English
World-Making Through Science Fiction English
Writing About Place English
End of Nature?: Anthropocene Literature English, Environmental Studies
American Wilderness English, Environmental Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ecological Imaginings English, Gender Studies
Eco-Literacy: A cluster of three courses in Economics, Education, and English English, Interdisciplinary Studies
Environmental Studies (Introductory for Undergraduates) Environmental Humanities, Environmental Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies
Culture and Environment Environmental Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies
Environment and Culture Environmental Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies
Geography & Nature Writing: Voicing Place Environmental Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies
Major Texts of the Environmental Movement Environmental Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies
Seed, Soil and the Soul: A Critical Analysis of World Food Practices Environmental Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Science
A History of Animals in the Atlantic World Environmental Studies
Environmental Writing Environmental Studies
Human Values and the Environment Environmental Studies
Nature in Popular Culture Environmental Studies
Nature Writing Environmental Studies
Power, Privilege, and the Environment Environmental Studies
Ecofilms and Ecocritical Perspectives Film
Ecology & Film Film
Ecotexts Film
Women and Nature Gender Studies
Environmental History of the U.S. History
Issues of Environmental Journalism Journalism
Hispanic Narrative Fiction: Literature and the Environment Latin American Literature, Spanish
Philosophy of Nature Philosophy
Environmental Themes in Theatre Theater and Dance