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Yearly income $84,000 – $100,000 ($115)         
Yearly income $72,000 – $84,000 ($100)         
Yearly income $60,000 – $72,000 ($85)         
Yearly income $48,000 – $60,000 ($70)         
Yearly income $36,000 – $48,000 ($55)         
Yearly income $24,000 – $36,000 ($40)         
Yearly income under $24,000 ($30)

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Applying online for membership in ASLE is fast and easy. Just click the button to Apply or Renew Online and complete the application form.

Please note: membership is for individuals only. Institutions who would like a subscription to ISLE journal need to go through the publisher, Oxford University Press. Consult the ISLE website for fees and information.

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Your ASLE membership supports academic research, teaching, and creative work in environmental literature, arts, and the humanities, and includes an array of benefits.

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Our association aims to inspire the creative and intellectual work of our diverse members and to build productive collaborations with colleagues around the world. We are an inclusive organization committed to environmental justice and ecological sustainability as well as environmental research, education, literature, art and service. Whether you are a longtime participant in or new to these fields, or simply curious about the environmental humanities and arts, ASLE invites you to become a member.


Member Testimonials

The spirit of collegial urgency among ASLE’s membership is palpable as they put their collective shoulder to the most pressing issue now before the humanities: the sustainability of body, soul, and place. – Don Fredericksen, Professor of Film, Faculty Fellow, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University

For almost twenty years, ASLE has enriched my life as a kind of professional home base; I look forward to each conference or new issue of ISLE as a reunion of old friends and a source of intellectual and creative inspiration. – Bernard Quetchenbach, Professor of English, Montana State University Billings

When I became a member of ASLE in 2005, I knew I had arrived at a thrilling ecocriticism-filled academic landscape. But ASLE has not only been an invaluable intellectual home for me, it is also a much valued platform for true collegiality and lasting friendships. I look forward to every ASLE conference, because I am fascinated by the cutting-edge work being done in environmental humanities by members and the spirit of warm friendship that always prevails at the conference. Now, as a member of “ASLE -ad hoc Translation Committee,” which aims to expand exchanges across cultures and traditions, I am happy to contribute to the new developments in the field. ASLE is the wellspring of inspiration, a global one. – Serpil Oppermann, Professor of English Language and Literature, Hacettepe University (Turkey), and Vice President of EASLCE

ASLE has created a network of friends and colleagues from across the world; I have made connections with like-minded people who know how to balance their fierce intellects with the ability to have fun, who are driven by a desire to save the world while maintaining an ability to enjoy being in it, so going to the biennial conference feels a little bit like summer camp with the smart kids. – Suzanne Roberts, writer