International Membership Grants

ASLE International Membership Grants Initiative provides up to fifty ASLE-US membership grants per two-year cycle to scholars outside the US and Canada. The grants are designed to help a more diverse, international community gain access to educational and scholarly opportunities in our field, as well as to advance educational and professional opportunities beyond the US and Canada.

Membership benefits include contact with other scholars through our member community, access to the scholarly and creative writing in the field through an online subscription to our journal ISLE, access to the Mentoring Program, and available resources and information about the field and our organization at our web site.

As a PhD student from Europe, I have benefited greatly from ASLE International Membership Grant. I was welcomed in a vibrant community of scholars – and friends – that have supported and encouraged my doctoral studies in numerous and invaluable ways. − Adele Tiengo, PhD Student, University of Milan

International Membership Grants are open to scholars who are not current or past officers of ASLE-US and/or other international ASLE affiliates, and:

  • are not previous recipients of ASLE membership grants;
  • are NOT citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or Canada;
  • are affiliated as a student or teacher (part or full time) at an institution of accredited higher education in their country of residence as of the time of application;
  • study, teach, and/or write actively in the field of literature and environment;
  • can demonstrate that they do not have access to professional or personal funding to pay the $30 USD necessary to become a member of ASLE;
  • can demonstrate specific benefits of ASLE membership for their own study, teaching and/or writing.

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. There are still grants available for 2022, please follow the instructions below to apply.

Application Instructions for International Membership Grants

Memberships Awarded to Date

  • Derya Fazila Agis, Turkey
  • Wisindi Andrew, Kenya
  • Lucy Atieno, Kenya
  • Medha Bhattacharyya, India
  • Yi Yi Cho, Myanmar
  • Laurin Eckermann, Germany
  • Fomin Edward Efuet, Cameroon
  • Gabriel Faniyan, Nigeria
  • Rain Garcia Chua, Philippines
  • Subarna De, India
  • Julia Ditter, Germany
  • Fomin Edward Efuet, Cameroon
  • Takele Enkossa Gurmessa, Ethiopia
  • Elizabeth Harris, England
  • Amir Hossain, Bangladesh
  • Ngoi Hui Chien, Malaysia
  • Idom Inyabri, Nigeria
  • Joseph Aondoaseer Iorhii, Nigeria
  • Uma Jayaraman, Singapore
  • Daniela Kato, China
  • Riona Kelly, Northern Ireland
  • Sara Khorshidi, Germany
  • Denisa Krásná, Czech Republic
  • Xueling Liu, China
  • David Lombard, Belgium
  • Dina Mahmoud, Egypt
  • Jeyashree Marthandam, India
  • Alida Mayne-Nicholls, Chile
  • Asma Melinamani, India
  • Mohammad Nasser Modoodi, Iran
  • Augustine Nchoujie, Cameroon
  • Fatemeh Nikseresht, Iran
  • Michael Paye, Ireland
  • Amulya Kishore Purohit, India
  • Animesh Roy, India
  • Encarnación Sánchez Arenas, Spain
  • Simone Schroder, Germany
  • Adele Tiengo, Italy
  • Kufre Okon Usanga, Nigeria
  • James Maina Wachira, Kenya
  • Nikoleta Zampaki, Greece
  • Massih Zekavat, Iran