Diversity Caucus

The ASLE Diversity Caucus is a community dedicated to increasing and supporting demographic and disciplinary diversity, and to addressing issues of equity and inclusion, in the association. Its goals evolve to meet the needs and interests of ASLE members. For example, prior to the 2017 biennial conference, the Caucus formed an Access Initiative Working Group and produced a set of Access Guidelines for the conference. Since then, work has been undertaken to add a diversity statement to the Call for Proposals for the conference, support co-international liaisons to build networks across the world, and to advocate for diversity in all aspects of the conference, from the awarding of travel grants to plenary speakers.

The Diversity Caucus is open to all members of the ASLE community. The Caucus meets in person at the Biennial ASLE conference and communicates between the conferences using the ASLE Diversity Caucus listserv and ad-hoc working groups.

Among the many ways to become involved in the work of the Diversity Caucus:

  • Organize an off-year symposium on a topic of diversity.
  • Offer to be a liaison with other organizations and help build mutually beneficial alliances. Are you involved with an organization using a diversity initiative from which ASLE can learn? Do you belong to an organization that engages with a different disciplinary or demographic audience than ASLE? Liaisons in the past have organized panels on ecocriticism or environmental writing at the conferences of other associations or worked to bring members of other associations to ASLE. This includes incorporating voices and perspectives from outside of the United States. Creative approaches are appreciated.
  • Organize a panel for the next biennial conference on a topic related to issues of justice, equity, access, or inclusion. Invite new people to an ASLE conference and welcome first-time attendees you meet.
  • Join the conversation by interacting with presenters you meet or whose work you read.

To learn more about the work of the Diversity Caucus or join the Diversity Caucus email list please contact Gisela Heffes (gisela.heffes@rice.edu) or Laura Barbas-Rhoden (barbasrhodenlh@wofford.edu).