Panel Calls for Papers

2019 ASLE Conference Panel Calls for Proposals

All accepted panels seeking participants at the 2019 ASLE Biennial Conference are posted below in alphabetical order, with a direct link to their individual descriptions and submission forms in Submittable. You can also view all panels and descriptions by visiting the ASLE Submittable site, or in this PDF document: 

ASLE 2019 Accepted Panels Seeking Participants (PDF)

All paper submissions to these panels must be made via Submittable. If you do not yet have a login account with them, you will need to create one to submit. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only one paper proposal submission is allowed per person.  Do not submit to more than one panel.  The reason for this is that if everyone applied to multiple panels and then got accepted to all or some of them, that would have a cascading effect on the panel organizers, because participants can only present on one panel. Papers organizers thought would be included in their panel would get pulled if an applicant decided to present somewhere else on the program, and that could create confusion or even cause the panel to collapse because there would not be enough presenters. 

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1819 in 2019: Romantic Bicentennials and Ecocriticism

21st Century Climate Fiction 

7 Minutes to Make a Better World (creative)

Active Learning, Climate Change, and Environmental Humanities

Agential Ecoontologies: Revitalizing Folk Magic, Rootwork, and Animism in the Age of the Anthropocene

 A Home Away from Home: Imagining Planet B, Here and Elsewhere (creative)

 “America’s Best Idea” on Fire, on Trial, and on the Syllabus

 A Long Way from Paradise: Racism, its Intersections, and the Anthropocene

 A (non-contiguous) Week on the Wisconsin and the Fox Rivers (creative)

Anthropocene Wilderness

Anthropomorphism in Hell

Arctic Art and Climate Change

Artistic Witnessing: Earth’s Edenic Fall

Art|Science|Activism (creative)

At the Intersection of Broadway and Main Street: Suburban and Urban Farms (creative)

Before the Anthropocene? Placing Early America in Environmental Humanities (SEA Sponsored Panel)

Beyond Extinction: Species, Metaphor, Language

Beyond Retreat: (Re)thinking Pastoral Landscape in the Posthuman Turn

Breaking Down the Walls: New Directions in Environmental Thinking for the Anthropocene

Burning Waters, Quenching Fires

Challenging the Paradises of the Anthropocene: Mines, Plantations, Resorts

Cherríe Moraga: Loving in the Years of Climate Disaster

Communal Futures: Generative Responses to Ecological Cataclysm in Science Fiction Texts

Constructing Readers and Theorizing Action in Environmental Justice Narratives

Contemplating Qi: Epistemologies of Fire in Personal Narrative (creative)

Contemplative Pedagogies for the Environmental Humanities: Mindfully Cooling the Fires of Craving, Aversion, and Delusion

Dark Ecologies: Grounds of Trauma in 21st-Century Horror Films

Deep Waters

Disidentifications with the Human

Diversity and Perenniality in Contemporary Agroecological Storytelling

Ecocritical Border Studies: Current and Future Directions

Ecofeminism, Science-Fiction, and Vitality of Fire

Ecological Erotics (sponsored by the Thoreau Society)

Ecologies of Desire: Science and Love in the Anthropocene

Ecologies of the Commons

Eco-pedagogies in Modern Languages & Literatures Programs: From Theory to Practice

Eco-Philology: Textual Studies and Environmental History

Emerging Biosocialities: Latent Potentials in a Dystopic Present

Enclaves, Environment, and Exploitation in Latin America & The Caribbean

Energy Futures between Surplus and Scarcity

Environmental Politics after Humanism

Environmentalism and Class Consciousness

“Environment at the Margins” and Global Anglophone and/or Postcolonial African Novels

Experimental Ecologies

Feeding the Fire as the World Burns: Rethinking Food and Sustenance in the Anthropocene

Fire and Rain: An Ecopoetry Reading (creative)

Fire in Western Literature: WLA Sponsored Panel

French Écocritique and Disaster

From Monstrosities to Wonders: Ecohorror and Transcorporeality

Future Archives: Queer Poetries in the Anthropocene

Gardens and Crisis

 Green Applied Linguistics

Hope (or) Otherwise: Affect, Anticipation, Destruction

Imagining a More Capacious Future: Multiethnic Voices in Changing Environments

Immolations: Queer Theory and Environmental Destruction

In the Animals’ Keeping: Fighting Fires with William Stafford

Indigenous Ecocriticism: Honoring, Remembering, Imagining (Cosponsored by the Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures (ASAIL) and the ASLE Indigenous Ecocriticism Interest Group)

Interspecies Narration: Incinerating the Human/Animal Binary

Invisible Borders, Shifting Borderlands

Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones

The Limitations and Ecologic Consequences of Paradise

Literature from Below: Soil as Narrative, Soil as Substance

Living with Animals in the Anthropocene

Margaret Fuller: Preserving Paradise in the 19th Century

The Margins of Environmentalism: Examining Narratives of Struggle against Extraction, Resource Grab, and Infrastructure Development

Medieval Ecol(Eschat)ologies

Medieval Ecomaterialism: Reading Ruins and Landscapes

Men and Nature

Militarized California: Transpacific Flows of Toxicity and Environmental Ruin

Myths of Return: Homecoming, Paradise, and Perdition

Natural Disasters and the Sublime

The Neglected Lives of Micro-Matter

Nerds on Fire

Nineteenth-Century Posthumanisms Today

Nonhuman Extinction Fiction: In Print and on Film

Oecologies I: Premodern Horizons

On Fire: Pyrocriticism

Other Worlds, Different Humans: Indigenous and Traditional Myths as Ecological Knowledge

Out of the Classroom and Into the Wild

Outside Paradise and The Animals at the End(s) of the World(s)

Pakistani Writing and the Environment

“Paradise is Drowning:” Rising Tides, Breaking Conditions, and Altered Horizons

Paradise in Flyover Country: MMLA Sponsored Panel

Paradise Rising: Pacific Arts and Climate Activism

Paradoxical Sustainability: Whose Paradise? Whose Hell?

Pedagogy that Tempers the Flames: A Round-table (and Podcast) on Environmental Justice in the Classroom

Playing With Fire: Gaming and/as Environmental Activism

Plots of Paradise: Gardening and the Utopian Impulse

Poets and Writers Speak: Readying for the End of the World (creative)

Prehistoric Creatures and Anthropocene Fears: The Past Comes Back to Bite Us

Reading “The Great Derangement” in Contemporary Climate Literature (hybrid creative/critical)

Representing Empire in British Modernism—A Crisis of Environmental Aesthetics

Resisting Futurity: Eco-sexual Relations in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Resisting Otherwise: Mobilizing Submerged Perspectives in Global Social Ecologies

Rewriting Paradise: Caribbean Literary Ecologies

The Sanzed Empire on Fire: A Panel on N.K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth Trilogy

Science, Aesthetics, and the Anthropocene: SLSA-Sponsored Panel

Science’s Literary Turn

Secret Best Friends: Timothy Morton’s Dark Ecology and Deconstruction

Securing Paradise: Borders, Human and Nonhuman Intersections

Seeing Past the Nature/Culture Dualism

Settler Colonial Ecocriticism

Solarpunk Poems and Ecogenre Work: Speculative Embodiment and Practices of Hope

Staying Alive Roundtable: Narratives of Person, Profession, and Place

Swimming into Paradise: Toward an Ecomaterialist History of Immersion

Teaching the End of the World

Terraforming Tales and Technics

The Textual, Emotional, and Ethical Borders of Climate Fiction

Theorizing Indigenous, Settler, and Corporate Petro-Media

Theorizing Luminism in American Literature

Thinking with Pollination (hybrid critical/creative)

Third Nature: Ecology in the Ruins

This Means War: Militancy and Environmental Imagination in the 21st Century

Too Much Nature: Radical Transformations in Eco-horror

Toward a New “Exploration Narrative:” Challenging and Expanding Traditional Speakers and Forms

Translating Paradise/Translating Hell: Latin American Environmental Writing

Uneven Ecologies of the Global South

Unsettling Environmental Orientations

Unsettling Paradise in the Age of Extinction

Utopian Modernism/Modernist Utopias

Vegetal Feminist Experimental Creation

Walt Whitman at 200: Environmental Perspectives

Waste in the California Literary and Artistic Imagination

“We have to feel”: Environmental Affect and Minority Identities

We Need Utopian Cli-Fi, and We Need it Now (hybrid critical/creative)

Western Films as Ecological Narratives

Wild for Fantasy: Ecofiction Jam Session (creative)

Wild Things: Children’s Culture and Ecocriticism at Fifteen (Ecocriticism, Youth Literatures, and Childhood Studies Today)

Writing WITH Animals (creative)

The Zoo in Wartime