Report on the 2019 Environmental Literature Institute

by Stephen Siperstein, Choate Rosemary Hall

The fourth annual Environmental Literature Institute at Philips Exeter Academy (NH) prepared secondary and higher education teachers to incorporate the environmental humanities into their classes, programs, and institutions. Twenty educators from twelve states and British Columbia and from a range of institutions and educational contexts attended this year’s institute. During a week of workshops, presentations, field-trips, and community-building events, participants explored, among other topics: climate change education, environmental justice, place-based learning, and the confluence of environmental poetry and ...

ASLE Inducts Four New Honorary Members

During the 2019 ASLE Biennial Conference in June, ASLE recognized four leading scholars in the environmental humanities by awarding them with honorary membership status in our association. Recipients were chosen for this honor because of their contributions to ASLE and/or literature and environmental studies. They have significantly enriched those familiar with their work, and their lifetime memberships are a small but sincere token of ASLE’s gratitude to them. The recipients are Michael Branch, Camille Dungy, Ursula Heise and Mark Long.

Ursula Heise, ...

ASLE Community Grant Awarded to #ClimateUprising


ASLE is pleased to announce that #ClimateUprising has been awarded a 2019 Community Grant of $5000, to fund the editing and completion of a film about activism that came out of the 2018 Camp Fire. Projects foreground the intersection between the role of representation and rhetoric and local efforts to address issues of environmental degradation and injustice, as well as engage with at least one of the following objectives: community-based research, civic participation, social/environmental justice, and educational or ...

Keeping ISLE Afloat in Troubled Academic Waters

By Elizabeth Dodd, ASLE Mentoring Co-Coordinator, University Distinguished Professor, Kansas State University, and Sara Kearns, Academic Services Librarian, Kansas State University

Although the field of environmental humanities is flourishing intellectually, academic publishing faces increasing financial threats. Many of us in US colleges and universities have watched our libraries cancel periodical subscriptions as cost-cutting efforts. While certain scholarly journals, owned by private, for-profit companies, charge exorbitant subscription costs, lower-cost journals in the humanities often are included in both targeted and across-the-board cuts, despite the modest ...

Statement on EFSLE/FSLE in India and Disaffiliation

For over twenty-five years ASLE has supported the intellectual work of its members around the world. The formation of ASLE-Japan in 1994 signaled an international orientation that continues in our many active affiliates in countries around the world today. These sister organizations represent a wide range of institutions, fields and interests and connect with ASLE and one another to organize lectures, readings and conference panels and to collaborate on projects and initiatives.

ASLE values all these relationships and the dedication of those who nurture ...

ASLE 2019 Writing Award Winners Announced

Story Updated July 24, 2019

Judges have announced the winners for the 2019 ASLE Book Awards and Graduate Student Paper Awards. These awards in the areas of ecocriticism and environmental creative writing were established in 2007 and are given biennially to recognize excellence in the field.

The official presentation was held on June 27, 2019, at the Authors’ Reception during the 2019 ASLE Biennial Conference at the University of California, Davis. We received more than 70 creative submissions and 50 ecocritical submissions this year, by ...

Finalists Announced for 2019 ASLE Book Awards

Judges have announced the finalists for the 2019 ASLE Book Awards. These book awards in the areas of ecocriticism and environmental creative writing were established in 2007 and are given biennially to recognize excellence in the field.

Winners will be announced in early June, and the official presentation will be at the Authors’ Reception held during the 2019 ASLE Biennial Conference at the University of California, Davis, on June 27, 2019. Eligible submissions are books published by ASLE and international affiliate members since the ...

ASLE Translation Grant Winners 2019

The ASLE Translation Grants committee is delighted to report that we received a record number of submissions this year. Of the large array of excellent proposals to translate ecocritically relevant texts from all over the world, we selected five exceptional translation projects to fund. These include the following:

Chitra Sankaran

Chi P. Pham

Chi P. Pham and Chitra Sankaran, translating ten selected short Vietnamese stories from various authors. As the translators note: “For our project, which we have provisionally entitled Eco-Narratives from ...

ASLE Seeks Proposals for 2021 Conference Site

We are currently seeking a site for 2021!  Read more: Request for Proposals ASLE 2021.

The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment hosts a large international conference every other year. These are five-day gatherings, usually occurring in mid- to late June. Conference attendance has been growing steadily for the past decade. Recent conferences have included from 800-1200 participants from approximately 30 countries, and been hosted by such institutions as Wayne State University (2017), the University of Idaho (2015), the University of Kansas (2013), ...

In Memoriam: Mary Oliver, 1935–2019

In Memoriam: Mary Oliver, 1935–2019

By Mark C. Long, Keene State College

The poet Mary Oliver passed away on January 17, 2019. An honorary member of our association, Oliver published over thirty books of poetry and prose that brought the concerns of ASLE to more readers than any other poet of her generation.

Oliver published her first book, No Voyage and Other Poems, in 1963. Over the next fifty years, Oliver offered us new ways to think about the gift of human life and the fragile ...