Member News

Associate Professor of Spanish at Wofford College Laura Barbas-Rhoden's chapter "Espacio, violencia y heteronormatividad en una Nicaragua transnacional: Lectura ecofeminista de La Yuma y Meet Me Under the Ceiba" is included in the new book Cartografías cul turales del género en Centroamérica.

ASLE-Japan Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

ASLE-Japan, an organization launched in 1994 and the second oldest ASLE affiliate, is observing its 20th anniversary this year. We decided to implement two special projects as a way of demonstrating development toward our goal of fulfilling our organizational responsibilities.


The 2013 ASLE-UKI Annual General Meeting ushered in several changes in our leadership. Greg Garrard, having served many years as Chair, stepped down from the Executive after two years as Immediate Past Chair.

President’s Update

Mark Long, ASLE President
While most of ASLE was making its way to the biennial gathering in Kansas, a few members were making plans beyond the conference that had yet to begin. Guided by the 2009 ASLE Strategic Plan, we charged committees led by Heather Sullivan, Anthony Lioi, and Byron Caminero-Santangelo to develop the grant applications included in this issue of ASLE News .

ASLE Welcomes Newly Elected Officers

Each year at this time, ASLE has the privilege of welcoming a new Vice President and two new Executive Council members to its leadership; every third year, we also welcome a new Diversity Officer.

New ASLE Book, Article, and Media Projects Subvention Grants

The ASLE Subvention Committee is soliciting proposals for innovative projects in ecocriticism and the environmental humanities. We are especially interested in projects of a scholarly and/or creative nature that engage with new media, aim at fostering intercultural or interdisciplinary exchange, or seek to bring insights from the environmental humanities to a non-academic public.

New ASLE Grants to Translate Ecocritical Books into English

In order to support work in ecocriticism from international scholars and to expand exchanges across cultures and continents, the ASLE Committee for Translations seeks proposals for books to be translated into English. Proposed books should be ecocriticism or fiction/non-fiction with a clear relationship to environmental issues, and must already have been published in a language other than English. For accepted projects, we provide funding to support the translation of these books.

Seeking Proposals for ASLE Community Grant

The ASLE Outreach Committee is soliciting proposals for projects that will help build connections between the environmental humanities and place-based environmental organizations working outside the academy. Projects will foreground the intersection between local efforts to address issues of environmental degradation and injustice and the role of representation and rhetoric. We are especially interested in projects enabling ASLE to connect with the environmental struggles of biennial conference localities.

Ecocriticism Panels at PAMLA 2013

The Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA) held its 111th annual conference at the Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, California, in early November, 2013. In my role as ASLE's liaison to PAMLA, I had the pleasure of organizing two ASLE-sponsored Ecocriticism panels.