April 1, 2014

Report from ASLEC-ANZ

At ASLEC-ANZ we are very busy organizing our 5th biennial conference, "Affective Habitus: New Environmental Histories of Botany, Zoology and Emotions," to be held at the Australian National University, Canberra, June 19-21.

Ecocriticism Session at ALA 2013

The American Literature Association, a coalition of societies devoted to the study of American authors, gathered on a rainy spring weekend in Boston, Massachusetts, for its 22nd annual conference, May 23-25. The ASLE session I organized for the 2013 conference, "Narrative Ecologies: Contemporary American Fiction and the Environment," focused on American fiction by three presenters who live and work outside the United States.

Member News

Associate Professor of Spanish at Wofford College Laura Barbas-Rhoden's chapter "Espacio, violencia y heteronormatividad en una Nicaragua transnacional: Lectura ecofeminista de La Yuma y Meet Me Under the Ceiba" is included in the new book Cartografías cul turales del género en Centroamérica.

ASLE-Japan Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

ASLE-Japan, an organization launched in 1994 and the second oldest ASLE affiliate, is observing its 20th anniversary this year. We decided to implement two special projects as a way of demonstrating development toward our goal of fulfilling our organizational responsibilities.


The 2013 ASLE-UKI Annual General Meeting ushered in several changes in our leadership. Greg Garrard, having served many years as Chair, stepped down from the Executive after two years as Immediate Past Chair.