Panel Calls for Proposals

Panel organizers for the 2023 ASLE Biennial Conference are welcome to submit a call for proposals on any topic. Please submit via this form, preferably by October 10, 2022 and we will post them here and on the general Calls for Papers page.

If you are seeking to join a preformed panel, view the topics and calls below, click on the title to view full call, and follow instructions for submitting directly to the panel organizer; do not use the form above to submit individual papers.  See our full Call for Proposals for conference submission links.

ASLE 2023 Panel, Re-Gaming the Commons: A Talk-and-Play Panel

ASLE 2023 Panel-Reclaiming Time as a Commons: Decolonizing the Hours

ASLE 2023 Panel, Autobiographical Style and Method: The Ecocritical First Person

ASLE + AESS 2023 Conference Panel: Spiritual Practices, Arts, and Communal Resilience in the Anthropocene Asia