Panel Calls for Proposals

ASLE + AESS 2023: Reclaiming the Commons

Panel organizers for the 2023 ASLE + AESS Conference are welcome to submit a call for proposals on any relevant topic in the environmental humanities, though we especially encourage those related to the conference theme “Reclaiming the Commons“.

Please submit your call for panelists via this CFP form, preferably by October 17, 2022 and we will post them below, and on the general Calls for Papers page.

If you are seeking to join a preformed panel, view the topics and calls below, click on the title to view the full call, and follow instructions for submitting directly to the panel organizer–do not use the form above to submit individual proposals!

For instructions on how to submit preformed panels and individual presentations to the conference, see our full Call for Proposals.

Anticolonial Modernity and the Global Commons

Archiving the Commons

Autobiographical Style and Method: The Ecocritical First Person

Between Tragedy and Miracle: Reclaiming the Italian Commons

Beyond A Common Future

Beyond Scholarship ‘As Usual’

Blue Spaces/Blue Bodies: Watery Commons, The Great Connect for All

Botany, Sexuality, (Un)Commonality

Climate Change and the Death Drive

Commons in Colonization

Commons in Conflict: Decolonising, Decommissioning, and Retrieving Infrastructures of the Capitalocene

Commons Salmon

Communicating Catastrophe in the Blue Commons

Contaminated Futures

Convection Currents in Latin American and Caribbean Geo-aesthetics

Decolonizing Utopia: Configurations of the Commons in Modernity

The Digital Commons: Digital Methods for Public Environmental Humanities Scholarship

Ecocritical Visual Cultures of the Commons

Ecocriticism and Ethnic Studies

The Ecology of Dune

Enclosing the Commons: Resistance and Rebellion in Late Medieval and Early Modern England

Energy Justice and the Commons

Environmental Cultural Studies in/from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal

Forgotten Spaces: Race and Environment in the US South

Going Home: Relocating the Commons with William Stafford

The Intersectionality of Colonialism, Imperialism, Capitalism, and Ecofascism with the Climate Crisis

Multi-Species Commons

Narrative at the Dull Edge of Extinction

Oecologies Sponsored Panel: Re/Imagining the Medieval and Early Modern Commons

Political Animals: Reclaiming the Politics Beyond Humans

Primacy of Making Kin in Seeking a Common Ecological Imaginary

Public Environmental Humanities

Reclaiming the Commons with Creative Collectives

Reclaiming the Commons, Rethinking Risk

Reclaiming Militarized Lands

Reclaiming Time as a Commons: Decolonizing the Hours

Reclamation in the Coming Age of Critical Minerals

Re-Gaming the Commons: A Talk-and-Play Panel

Regionalism and Ecohorror

Representations of Labor in Reclaiming the Commons

Rethinking Timescapes in the Gulf South

Revolution, Reclamation, and Intersectional Ecofeminism

(Re)Writing the West

RMMLA-Sponsored ASLE Panel

Spiritual Practices, Arts, and Communal Resilience in the Anthropocene Asia

Storied Matter and Speaking Commodities: New Materialisms and Old Marxisms in Discussion

Storying the Plantation(ocene) Otherwise

Thinking the Commons Beyond Extraction and Extinction

An Uncommon Exclusion: Human/More-than-Human Alliance in the Medieval and Early Modern Imaginations

The Unspoken Commons