February 12, 2017

“Be like water, my friend”: Reflections from the 2016 ASLE Graduate Symposium

By Mika Kennedy, PhD candidate in English, University of Michigan

As are so many stories of the environment (and those who study it), this one is about tributaries, and the rivers they build.

In 2015, my colleague Mary Renda and I and our graduate workshop, The Border Collective, put together a panel for ASLE’s 2015 Biennial Conference in Moscow, Idaho. We hadn’t even touched back down in Michigan before we pitched each other a wild idea: What if we hosted an off-year symposium specifically geared ...

SAMLA 2017 Panel: Ecoporn and The Culture Industry

Following the South Atlantic Modern Language Association’s 89th Conference’s theme of “High Art/ Low Art: Borders and Boundaries in Popular Culture,” abstracts are invited for the Ecocriticism Panel, titled “Ecoporn and The Culture Industry.”

When discourse surrounding ecological integrity moves away from sustainability toward trendy green movements, our ecosystems become increasingly vulnerable to consumer-driven fantasies of what nature “ought to be.” From landscape painting to Earth Porn social media outlets, artists tend to romanticize, mystify, and Other nature. In recent years, environmental awareness initiatives ...