August 27, 2019

ASLE Community Grant Awarded to #ClimateUprising


ASLE is pleased to announce that #ClimateUprising has been awarded a 2019 Community Grant of $5000, to fund the editing and completion of a film about activism that came out of the 2018 Camp Fire. Projects foreground the intersection between the role of representation and rhetoric and local efforts to address issues of environmental degradation and injustice, as well as engage with at least one of the following objectives: community-based research, civic participation, social/environmental justice, and educational or ...

Keeping ISLE Afloat in Troubled Academic Waters

By Elizabeth Dodd, ASLE Mentoring Co-Coordinator, University Distinguished Professor, Kansas State University, and Sara Kearns, Academic Services Librarian, Kansas State University

Although the field of environmental humanities is flourishing intellectually, academic publishing faces increasing financial threats. Many of us in US colleges and universities have watched our libraries cancel periodical subscriptions as cost-cutting efforts. While certain scholarly journals, owned by private, for-profit companies, charge exorbitant subscription costs, lower-cost journals in the humanities often are included in both targeted and across-the-board cuts, despite the modest ...

Disability and the Environment in the Global Colonial Era

This edited collection examines the intersections of disability and the environment in the times of colonial expansion. It traces the emergence of eco-ableist discourses through a careful examination of such issues as gender, race, imperialism, industrialization, the environment, climate, and other subjects, and probes the ways through which various cultural artifacts from that era effectively construct the meanings of disability and the environment. Disability and the Environment in the Global Colonial Era shows that in the colonial era the perceptions of disability were ...